Creativity can take you anywhere. That’s what I love the most about creativity.

Painting a few spots

You know? Sometimes, when you’re sitting and creating, and all of a sudden…

Filling the view with green spots

… you’re doing something unexpected. Filling your desk with dots…

Oh and some red ones

…becoming fascinated with looking at your hands moving. With your hands creating something that wasn’t there a second ago. With having hands! Wow, they move and make marks. I love the simple act of mark making. Creating patterns. To simply notice…

…where the mark making can take you.

Where you see new roads emerge, and move from one place to the next. Dots coming from within, making a turn to become something else…

Rainbow cat painting sideview
…to finally land on a sparkly rainbow. Becoming spotted fur. How wonderfully odd.

A rainbow born from your own creative life. And just like that, it’s finished, dots and all.

What a feeling.