Collage: Imagine the Possible
Imagine the Possible

Collage makes me happy! This weeks collages especially, because they are all so very happy. Happy colours, happy titles, happy feeling inside!

And let’s not talk about tissue paper! It’s the number one paper of papers. I love even the sound when touching it. Once you start using it you don’t want to ever working with it! No, let’s not discuss tissue paper today, just have a look at the collages!

And then leave a comment and let me know what you think about these! It would make me even happier if you did. Thank you!

Collage: Sea Salt
Sea Salt

Collage: Serious Play
Serious Play

Collage: Sur la mer
Sur la mer

Collage: Mein Liebling
Mein Liebling

Collage: Tastes like Bubble Gum
Tastes like Bubble Gum

Collage: Dear Darling
Dear Darling

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