365 Collages | Week 46 | Tissue Paper Edition

Collage: Imagine the Possible
Imagine the Possible

Collage makes me happy! This weeks collages especially, because they are all so very happy. Happy colours, happy titles, happy feeling inside!

And let’s not talk about tissue paper! It’s the number one paper of papers. I love even the sound when touching it. Once you start using it you don’t want to ever working with it! No, let’s not discuss tissue paper today, just have a look at the collages!

And then leave a comment and let me know what you think about these! It would make me even happier if you did. Thank you!

Collage: Sea Salt
Sea Salt

Collage: Serious Play
Serious Play

Collage: Sur la mer
Sur la mer

Collage: Mein Liebling
Mein Liebling

Collage: Tastes like Bubble Gum
Tastes like Bubble Gum

Collage: Dear Darling
Dear Darling

Thank you for visiting and following along on this artistic trip of mine.

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12 Responses

  1. My favorites this week are “Imagine the Impossible” and “Sea Salt” but they’re all so pretty! Thanks for sharing your creations with us, Hanna!

  2. I LOVE “sea salt”! Great colors & composition & I love that little bit in the middle that got wet maybe? Have you tried working with “bleeding” art tissue paper? When it is wet the colors bleed into each other & the results are divine!!
    These are all really very pretty!

  3. I love tissue paper, so I love, love and love these collages. I just finished a postcard using tissue paper. Sur la mer, Mein Liebling and Sea Salt are awesome, but they are all so sweet. Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration always.

  4. Love, love, love the tissue paper collage. I just am a collage addict in general but these are just lovely! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration!

  5. This week yours collages gives happiness ! The colors have a good effect on our mood !
    I love your work on transparence. I have the idea for next year to try your challenge 365 collages, but you are so talented that it’seemed impossible (sorry for English).

  6. I love these, so colorful and happy! The Sea Salt one is my favorite but enjoyed them all just like always!
    Planning on using tissue paper for sure in my collages next year!

  7. Loving “Mein Leibling” especially this week! I just love the way the angles draw your eye in to the center and then there’s the cute little bird in the corner! I’m always a sucker for a cute little bird and happy colors!

  8. The tissue paper collages are so lovely! What do you use to put the tissue paper down so it doesn’t get distorted? Matte medium, mod podge?

    Thanks so much~!

    p.s. really enjoying #diypostcardswap

    • Hi Cindy, I’m answering your question in the blog comments, but a bit late, sorry. For the tissue paper collages I used matte medium, it’s easier to apply than a glue stick that might tear up the paper. Fun times!

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