Welcome Aphrodite, my new plant and all you other new stuff that decorates our home!

Here is what’s new:

1. Dad gave me two new flowers from his collection of orchids. In this picture you can see Phalaenopsis Aphrodite, a easy flower with pink lilac flowers. It’s beautiful and I love her! The pink pot is also “new” (second hand from loppis!).

The second one I got is a Calante with two bright green leafs sticking up in the air (no pic). The instructions that came with it says it will bloom by Christmas if you do things right. I’m crossing my fingers!

2. When dad was here he also helped us put up this magazine stand on the wall by JB’s bed. We got it from a friend who didn’t need it, and it looks so great where it’s hanging now. I guess some decoupage/collage or paint might be in order soon, but for now he can keep the floor visual by putting all the climbing mags up in this thing. Great!

3. A little green thing from a super cool home decorating store in France, where they had lots of stuff I could’ve taken home. Just had to take something with me (this green thing – and a note book with hippos on the cover, a ornamented clock, a candle on a stick that looks like a flower and that will be a present). I will use it to water the orchids!

4. And a picture for my balcony, featuring some of the flower pots I got at a loppis when mom was here. White and perfect both in style and price (5 SEK/each).

Need to take some more pictures, this was fun. But the rain is poring so I think I’ll wait for some sun.