Handmade Campervan Bowling Bags

The Campervan Buzz Bag

Even better than collecting fabric in transparent boxes is using that fabric to create everyday objects. In that way you get to see a lot more of the fabric’s pattern, right?

That’s why I wanted a sturdy, usable bag from the Campervans fabric, a curtain fabric that is just perfect for bag making. This one is the size of a bigger bowling bag, and it’s perfect for my everyday needs. I can fit my lunch, a notebook, my knitting, wallet, a notebook, pens and a water bottle in there without problem. Love this model and size – and it was designed by my mother who drafted the pattern for us. Sewing it was also a joint venture!

Layers of a handmade bag

Mom did most of the sewing, and I fit the layers together and pinned them in place. We used a non adhesive stabilizer (interfacing) that was sandwiched, and quilted in place, between the campervan fabric and the striped fabric we used as liner.

Campervan Bag - with Pink Zipped Pocket

For the inner pockets we picked two of the curtain fabrics that Terry’s Fabric also sent me to play with. Mom made pockets on both insides, one with a zipper and another that is open at the top. The striped pink and green fabric, Goa Stripe Fuschia, we used as lining and pocket, and the Jardin Lime for the zipped pocket. I think they work well together, don’t you?

The Campervan Buzz Bag Inner pocket

Personally I think green and pink is the best color combination! Happy and stylish. Maybe that is why I fell in love with the outside fabric, called Campervans Curtain Fabric in pink and green. Not until now I noticed that it is also available in blue! You can get it from Terry’s Fabrics.

Sewing together with mom is fun, because she is so skilled and knows a lot about it. Fortunately we had enough fabric to make two, almost identical bowling bags, so we could have one each. Yay!

Mom's bag with zipper decoration
iHanna's Campervan Bowling Bag - Details

The images above shows the making of mom’s campervan bag, with white handles and a dangling scissors ornament at the end of the zipper. Mine has striped handles and piping in a pink fabric with white polka dots, that I myself hand-sewed around the edges. Here are some pics:

Double Trouble?
iHanna's Campervan Bowling Bag - More Details
Our Campervan Bags

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    • Tack Karin, jag ska säga till mamma att det finns ett intresse för detta mönster, men det lär nog ta lite tid innan något finns att publicera i så fall.

      Sök på Etsy eller google, efter ett “bowling bag pattern” så kanske du hittar något liknande… :-)

  1. I love these bags! What an awesome idea. The shape is fantastic as is the fabric. You ladies make a great team :)

    • Caatje, I agree with you, that is another possibility that would work! But I like the campervans too much to hide them. The only worry is that it’s too white and might get smudged with much use, but I think it will hold up well in the washing machine so we’ll see in a few months how it looks then…. :-)

  2. Very nice. Like the contrasting handle and piping on your bag. You and your Mom did amazing jobs on the bags. I love all the little pockets, so things can be organized and not all fall to the bottom. I envy your ability to sew so well. I am all thumbs!

    • Thanks Ellen, all handbags must have many inner pockets, right? I don’t like digging around to find my keys when I get home for example. :-)

    • Lynn, thank you! I’m letting my mom know about all nice comments our bags are getting! If my mom makes a pattern we could sell that, but to sell a bag that takes about an entire day to make would probably make it more expensive than people would want to pay for a fabric bag… That’s my guess. :-)

    • Vicky, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I would love to sell more things in my Etsy Shop, for sure, but not sure handmade bowling bags are the right thing… How much would you say a hand made bag like this is worth for you to consider buying it?

  3. WOW, these are soooo CUTE!! I love the fabric and the special touches to each of yours. The inside looks just as good as the outside. How nice that you could do this with your mom, makes these even sweeter. My mom is quite the sewer too, I resisted it all my life and know in my 40’s it’s one thing I want most.
    Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy your new bag!!

  4. These bags are really awesome, Hanna!!! I bet they make for a lot of “Where did you find this?!” questions ;)

  5. Thanks everyone for all the comments! Hanna your the best to take photos and sewing and to be my daughter. Love you!

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