It’s easy to hold our great ideas hostage, or to talk them away into things we’ll do someday, or wanted to do once, but its so much more thrilling to free them and watch them take flight.
Mary Beth Maziarz

Cute Fabrics, photo copyright Hanna Andersson - by iHanna

I am working on a little sewing project that will become a gift. Schhy, it’s a secret for now. I am creating a mess around me, but the sewing and cutting itself is calming and nice.

I am happy about this project because

  • I am using bits from my pretty fabric stash
  • I’ve decided not to save the super cute ribbons in a box any longer
  • I finally feel inclined to make something intended for “someone else” (other than myself or to sell) and that leaves me with a good feeling (I usually don’t give away stuff because I just don’t think most people appreciate less than perfect “handmade”, but right now I will create some gifts anyway)
  • it feels good to create with someone loved in mind while you work

I hope you have a little project too?!