Art Journal: Collage and painterly mess

True to my June ideas I’m filling white pages in my Art Journal this month. And I am combining a lot different things on the same page. The combination of things is my favorite thing about mixed media art. I love combinations that grow over a couple of hours or days. Like doodles, watercolours, acrylic paint, crayon marks, collage, writing, mixed with ephemera, washi tape and notes.

Here are few close up of this page:

DSC_0054 s
Paint before collage, and paint after collage. What a great combination!

Art Journaling: Paint, pencil and crayon marks

This spread has a half page, because I bound this book myself and left it like that. I like it.

Art Journaling: spray paint and collage
Spray paint, wallpaper, books, a heart…

The illustrations on the right page is a magazine clip, about a children’s book by Swedish Stina Wirsn. Love her drawings!

Are you letting yourself be free in your art journal? Put in what ever you think is pretty right now. Combine a lot of things and see what you get.