The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Joseph Campbell

My painting adventures continues, from watercolor circles to painting triangles. I was going to say: let’s dive in, but it’s more like: let’s climb to the top, since my triangles turned into pyramids…

Painting triangles - or are they pyramids painted by iHanna

I find triangles harder to paint than circles, since the point (!) is to have them symmetrical and straight. Mine are not.

But the point of this watercolor exercise is to practice, so I did. If you let the tip of one triangle meet another triangle that is still wet, they bleed into each other. Love that.

Tiny Watercolor Pyramids painted by iHanna

I was doodling watercolor triangles on a loose white paper, and then noticed that this spread in the altered book was just begging for some triangles, so I painted some in.

The triangles became pyramids, since the theme of the book is Egypt.

Triangles that are pyramids painted by iHanna

I didn’t really like the bareness/simplicity of the page, even though I knew I wanted to keep the illustration of camels and pyramids that was in the book. A few days later, I started to doodle on top of the page, then added triangle-pyramid collage to both pages of the spread….

The Art Journal Pyramids - detail painted by iHanna

I feel finished with the spread, but I’m not sure why I’m keeping it as is… It’s not too pretty, if you ask me. Maybe I like it in all of its ugliness? Maybe it’s because it evokes memories.

The Art Journal Spread: Painting triangles (or seeing Pyramids and Camels) painted by iHanna

It sure reminds me of the time when I visited the pyramids IRL, along with my Egypt Travel Journal. And that is a reason as good as any in an art journal. Thinking of past experiences, and memories. Going back in time, traveling to old, and new, places.

In actuality, when I think about it, maybe that is the whole point.

To go tripping, on your own, in your mind.

And it’s okay to let it be as is. It’s okay to see pyramids in the triangles, or see Christmas trees if you’re into those. It’s okay to move on. To just say yes to this little art adventure, no climbing pyramids involved. Just sitting at my desk, filling in the blank spaces (or covering up other spaces).

At the Pyramids of Egypt painted by iHanna

Triangles, pyramids, thoughts in my mind. What say you?