Quick collage book: Buddha

Trying to restrain yourself is hard if you ask me. I’m a maximalist, not a minimalist.

I like clutter (but not the dust that lives between everything). I like lots of choices (but not having to go out to buy that one extra thing not in my stash). I like filling a journal page to the brim (but prefer if the books is closable when full). I never leave blank pages or white space in my notebooks.

Quick collage book: yellow

But of course I am also fascinated with that that I don’t do myself. White, pristine, spacious with lots of breathing room both in art and interior design. So I’m challenging myself with a new collage notebook. A small one, for tiny expressions.

It’s a white spiral bound notebook that I made myself, of the same model as the pink collecting notebook.

The idea for this small notebook (from Sarah’s book Painted pages) is to use those small scraps leftover from other collages. A quick little composition, without hesitation. Just do it! I find it hard to add just 2 or 3 pieces of paper – but I try to restrain myself! It’s a good exercise, one that I need to practice a lot.

Quick collage book: koala stamp
Half of these bits would’ve been enough!

Michelle Ward, on Crusade no 61 Restraining Order, writes:

Create a journal page that has minimal elements, less clutter, and more breathing room. Im not saying that less is better than more; Im simply asking you to try it. As we know, there are no rules when it comes to visual journaling.

Quick collage book

I really enjoy this kind of technique exercises. It’s good to take on creative challenges every now and then. And I’ve got plenty of pages in this little book to (not!) fill. I hope you have some kind of notebook you’re playing in too.