Doodle Diary + Heart

No, sorry. It’s not really a doodle diary, but it could be. On some pages there is just not much room for anything else. But on most of them, I leave a little room for later writing:

Red ink heart

The diary pages are a mix of this and that, but mostly it’s writing. This week some hearts have been growing on the pages, probably because of Valentine’s day.

I hope your Valentine was/is great. Mine was without romance, roses or cards but I’m still content with the day. Yesterday I sent out homemade postcards with lots of reds and hearts, and today I got a sushi ATC in my inbox, swapped with and made by my favorite embroiderer Natalie. Awesome ATC!

Peek into iHanna's Diary
The heart doodle grew organically from one corner and out on the page.

Here it’s been snowing all day, and I’ve hung a row of 4 hearts above the television. One made by me last year (knitted fabric and pink sequins), one from mom (for Christmas), one last week from my friend Margot (black with white lace) and one from a conference booth where they showed textiles that change colours with heat. If you have warm hands it changes colour when you touch it.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Valentine’s Day!