Diary Doodle: Rows of pattern and big flowers
Diary Doodle: In between tiny flowers
Diary Doodle: Leaf design close up

To doodle is often moving your hands in a familiar way. Doodling is mindless drawing of forms and patterns, doing what you’ve always done. But it can also be learning new things, trying something out, experimenting…

On this spread, that’s in my diary, I experimented with a few things newish to me. Mostly, because I was in the mood for newness.

  • I tried drawing flowers that I don’t usually draw.
  • I combined drawing with a thick marker and at thin pen.
  • I filled the whole page but left quite a lot of white space in between.
  • I also filled some gaps between the flowers with some kind of patterned band.

I think it looks like a coloring book page, for grown ups perhaps?

Diary Doodle coloring in flower page

I don’t recognize it as my style, but I really like how it came out. What do you think?