Time for Diary Doodles

Diary Doodle: Rows of pattern and big flowers
Diary Doodle: In between tiny flowers
Diary Doodle: Leaf design close up

To doodle is often moving your hands in a familiar way. Doodling is mindless drawing of forms and patterns, doing what you’ve always done. But it can also be learning new things, trying something out, experimenting…

On this spread, that’s in my diary, I experimented with a few things newish to me. Mostly, because I was in the mood for newness.

  • I tried drawing flowers that I don’t usually draw.
  • I combined drawing with a thick marker and at thin pen.
  • I filled the whole page but left quite a lot of white space in between.
  • I also filled some gaps between the flowers with some kind of patterned band.

I think it looks like a coloring book page, for grown ups perhaps?

Diary Doodle coloring in flower page

I don’t recognize it as my style, but I really like how it came out. What do you think?

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  1. Like like like this a lot! How would it looks with coulor my brain keeps thinking of :-)

  2. I love doodles and your patterns are great. Thanks for the ideas for my doodle pages.

  3. Exactly what I was thinking — just like a grown-up coloring book! I love this, especially the bold lines. Just awesome!

  4. Very fun doodles!!! I had to come by and see what new art projects you have going on. I love your little mini journal from the previous post :)

  5. Oh Hanna … this is soooo awesome!!! I honestly thought it was a real coloring page. lol

    I kept scrolling down to see what you did to “alter” it, or how you colored it in with zentangle or something till I got to the end and realized that YOU drew it all. Keep in mind that, at the time … I was scrolling down through the pictures and not reading what you wrote at that time [alot of times I’ll scroll down through the pics first and then go back and read through the text.]

    You are so incredibly talented!


  6. Definitely looks like an adult coloring book! Love the black and white. Will you color it in at some point? Lovely work.
    Aloha, Kate

  7. This is great, and I have lately been thinking I would make a doodle book for myself just to color! A coloring book of doodles. This looks like a great coloring opportunity. It’s interesting that you say it doesn’t look like yours. Isn’t it odd and exciting when that happens?

  8. love-love-LOVE this hanna! i am off to do some doodling of my own and will try the bold lines/skinny lines. thank you for sharing -you are such an inspiration :)

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