Bellis drawing doodle

To me this is a Bellis Perennis – a common plant of meadows, lawns and other grassy areas, frequently found growing in lawns. The drawing is from my Art Journal, and the pink sculpture is a recent handmade find from a craft shop.

Bellis Love
New little sculpture

Isn’t the group of Bellis flowers adorable? It is handmade by a 90 year old woman who is, according to the sales person, still going strong and creating wonderful pieces of art in clay. I thought all of her ideas were simply beautiful and very special.

Pink or Yellow
In the shop

I rarely buy nick-nacks these days but sometimes I fall for some small miniature sculpture that I want to bring with me home, even though I know there is not much room in the shelves in my tiny apartment…

I think I did the right thing to buy this sculpture, don’t you?