There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents,
the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.
When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.
Sophia Loren

Made by iHanna of - fabric notebook cover in lace
♥ Many times we buy new notebooks because they have such cute fancy covers. I adore cool layout and beautiful design. Alluringly beautiful!

Notebooks with covers that I’m just not drawn to don’t get used at all, at least not until I change the covers to something I like. I got a notebook from my kind mother last year. It has great blank pages and is sturdy and a nice size, but the cover is boring. It’s a washed out black and white velvet with a pattern that just don’t make my heart sing. So I designed my own book cover, with lots of lace and love…

Lacy diary notebook cover (copyright Hanna Andersson)
It’s now my everyday writing diary. I really like it now.

I made the cover on the sewing machine but then hand embroidered on top of that. Stitching here and there, and adding my name in white on white.

Embroidery Hanna (copyright Hanna Andersson)
I love white on white a lot! It is romantic and subtle but also very persuasive and strong. This diary belongs to a creative girl, you can tell.

More details of the closure and backside;

Lacy diary details (copyright Hanna Andersson)
This book didn’t have a closure, so I added one to the slipcover and it works well. It’s a rubber waistband for sewing clothes I think, but to me it looks like lace… Perfect!

Lacy diary details (copyright Hanna Andersson)
♥ Hearts again. Pink felt heart that I cut out and a lacy doily on top of that.

And when it’s closed with the waistband it looks like this;

Lacy diary details (copyright Hanna Andersson)

Lacy diary notebook cover (copyright Hanna Andersson)
The backside has a occra colored fabric with words. I made sure the word Strength was readily readable. And a final detal, another shiny pink heart;

I heart my diary (copyright Hanna Andersson)

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