Found a great homepage today, made by Lori Joy Smith (through my daily visit to Loobylu). She seems to be a crafty and inspired person, now with a sweat little baby with a beautiful name! I will visit her site again!

Maybe this was made by my fathers mothers sister?
This is one of many crafty pictures from my photo diary, that I finally updated this week. There is a lot of pictures of my knitting mum there, since I’m so fascinated that she has picked up her knitting when her knitting needles have been resting for 20 years!

On January 10:th our Kära fotodagbok (online photo diary) was 1 years old! I’ve loved making it, but it will now need to rest while I go on to other stuff. I’ll post my craft photos here anyway.

On the picture above you can see a little baby blanket (made in the 1930 maybe?) that my mother found in one of her drawers. Her guess is that it’s crocheted by my grandmothers sister Aina who died in TBC when she was young. We bleached it white again, and I took care of it. In the bag we also found some crocheted “squares ” that I will sew together as snow balls for next years Christmas tree.