I just found out via Sister Diane’s blog that today is Pay a blogger day, so I finally signed up for a service called Flattr and I’m now testing it out. They write:

    Bloggers give up an awful lot of their spare time to make their readers smarter, happier or simply more efficient in killing time. What if ALL of us gave something back to them, even for just one day. Buy their T-shirt, the book with affiliate links or make a donation. They’ve sure deserved it.

    Pay a Blogger Day is an initiative by Flattr who makes it very easy to support blogs and other things you care about.

All you do is sign up for an account at Flattr and start paying your favorite bloggers! And if you have a flatter button I might just come visit your posts and give it some cash love…

Kim Werker has a great video where she explains why we should all use it! Carina also has a post about Pay a blogger day today – and a flattr button!

I am a content producer

Recently in a post I was complaining that I hadn’t blogged enough and complaining that my time was limited… I got comments back that it wasn’t the end of the world and such. And of course it isn’t! But it got me thinking. Many use their blog just another creative outlet. Something for when-ever. Some abandon it on a whim. For me it has been and always will be, a way of living and a “must do”. It’s my favorite job and I could do it all day, every day! But I must do it. It’s because I think of my blog as a business, even though technically it isn’t here in Sweden.

I put in a hell of a lot of work into this blog, and I want it to be so many great things! And I am proud of what I have accomplished here, though I tend to focus on the next post and not on money making adventures that would take some planning. But I do want this blog to be frequently updated, have great links, images and information, be inspirational, organized and easy to access and have a welcoming feeling. At least that is my intention, every day. I am, what Kim is calling a “content producer” and I looove being that! If you can and want to, please feel free to flattr my blogging and content producing skills by pressing this button:

if you love iHanna - click to flattr her

I appreciate you being here. Thank you!