My paint brushes

Wallpaper pen tin cans Quick organisation tip today!

I’ve got several containers on my desk that holds pens, pencils and paint brushes. I love using recycled glass jars but with pens and brushes it tends to look busy with all those items on a desk. With a recycled metallic can I get a container just as cheap and even prettier when covered in wallpaper. And now you won’t see the lower part of all my paint brushes.

I love using pretty wallpapers because it is sturdy enough to hold together through some use but soft enough to bend around your project. I find my wallpapers on flea marktets so they’re cheap too. I have made wallpapered tin cans before, but today I needed one for my paint brushes. This time the wallpaper(pretty beige) is from Laila.

I bought one of these at a DIY market a few years back. Love this green paper:

Wallpaper pen tin cans

All you do is add a line of glue to one edge, not to the whole paper. It’s super quick.