Wallpaper on a tin can

My paint brushes

Wallpaper pen tin cans Quick organisation tip today!

I’ve got several containers on my desk that holds pens, pencils and paint brushes. I love using recycled glass jars but with pens and brushes it tends to look busy with all those items on a desk. With a recycled metallic can I get a container just as cheap and even prettier when covered in wallpaper. And now you won’t see the lower part of all my paint brushes.

I love using pretty wallpapers because it is sturdy enough to hold together through some use but soft enough to bend around your project. I find my wallpapers on flea marktets so they’re cheap too. I have made wallpapered tin cans before, but today I needed one for my paint brushes. This time the wallpaper(pretty beige) is from Laila.

I bought one of these at a DIY market a few years back. Love this green paper:

Wallpaper pen tin cans

All you do is add a line of glue to one edge, not to the whole paper. It’s super quick.

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  1. That green paper is REALLY pretty! Somehow when I do these kinds of DIY projects, they never look as “finished” and attractive as other folks’!

  2. Yes!!
    Love this idea.
    I have taken many tin cans… paint the inside a bight color and collage the outside.
    Last, fill with brushes, pencils, etc. “fun stuff” <3

  3. Great idea! I’m all about upcycling… I actually use nutella bottles for all my pens and pencils on my desk!

  4. At our large local DIY stores (Homebase/B&Q) it’s acceptable to take small samples of wallpaper for free. There’s always a reel unwrapped especially for this purpose. So I abuse that a little and have a nice stash of wallpapers samples which I use for all sorts of things. A good way of instantly adding colour cheaply to a room is to get a canvas or piece of wood etc and staple wallpaper over the top to make free art. Then when you get round to properly decorating you can tear the paper off and use the canvas as you originally would. I still have three wallpaper canvasses in my living room where I never got round to changing them and people just love them- more then my actual work!! (the cheek)

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