Download and print on sticker paper Moving Box Labels
Before moving I made my own colourful labels for moving boxes! I thought you’d enjoy them too!

Each label is colour coded with a header title so you know what room it needs to go to or what it mostly will be filled with. Though most boxes probably will be a this and that box, right? I also thought of a giveaway box if you’re sorting and cleaning at the same time you’re moving… Personally I’ve sent so much stuff to the thrift shop that all that junk needed its own box(es).

There is also plenty of writing space to fill in the main items you put in each box too. Then you’ll know where to look for winter boots, remote control or medicine cabinet when you need them. Especially good if you’re making boxes that will not need to be unpacked right away, like a seasonal box (I’m thinking Christmas decorations or winter clothes) or a box that will go straight to storage. There is also a very important space in the right bottom corner. That’s where you number your box. You can then take a sheet of lined paper and write down each number and make a quick index of your belongings! In this way you can at least tell everyone to look for box #12 when it’s lost and everyone’s hungry (if that’s the box where all your plates and cooking utensils are).

Flyttetiketter till flyttldorna - Swedish labels

Free Moving Box Labels

There’s a English and Swedish version to download, print and use:

I printed mine on sticker paper and cut them apart with scissors. It took a whole but so worth it.

Box tower Save these until next time you’ve got to do that tedious task of packing everything in your house into paper boxes and then trying to find it again in a new location. You know what I’m talking about right? Potential nightmare! Or send the link to someone who you know soon will be packing. I think having fun labels makes any task more fun. Enjoy!

Moving is hard work, but once you’re settled in at the new place it is a reward in itself and such a great feeling. Especially when all your stuff is sorted through, organized and where it should be.
I still long for that day… ;-)

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Good luck moving!