Little nuggets of Joy

Flowers from Christina

A few more things that I enjoy. Little things that make me happy and that are worth photographing and remembering. Special gifts. Like getting a miniature pot with a cute pink flower (above), a moving-in-present from a friend. And then having a craft night with wine, paper and lots of laughter together.


One evening my parents came over for fika, and mom brought treats that gave us all a sugar rush.

Dish Owl

Another evening I found a owl formed dishcloth in the mail, complete with a message and stamp on the back, sent through the mail as a postcard. Totally made me smile of course.

Visiting the cat

And visiting my cat who lives with my parents. She is my little nugget of joy, even if we for now have to have a long-distanse relationship. The joy of photography is full on. I hope you to are taking the time to notice what makes you smile. What makes your heart tingle. What images you’re drawn to.

Wishing you all the best. And don’t miss the giveaway!

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  1. What a pity you had to part from your cat, never easy to part from good friends. Your photos looks great as always. I did enter your giveaway but I don’t have winning luck. As a matter of fact I’m holding my own giveaway right now. You are welcome to enter it if you like.
    Have a nice and creative weekend!

  2. I have a cat with the same type of fur…a big mane and tufts in her ears and between her toes. It’s generally unruly and always makes me giggle when I see her preening like a feline model, not realizing how silly she actually looks.

  3. My post from Friday was about some of my favourite things! How funny!
    Glad you could spend quality time with friends, family and Smilla!

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