My Diary as a Pillow

Smilla is the enjoying the beautiful weather right now. When it is too hot she prefers to stay indoors in the shadow though, under a table.

Best Cat Ever

Each night she sleeps by my side in bed. And sometimes during the day we spend time there too. I sit and write and she chooses the most busy place of the bed to sit down on. If there are piles of papers she will lay on those.

It is soft to me...
If I’m not writing in my diary she will use it as her pillow. It looks so uncomfortable, but it’s her choice. I have no idea why she does this.

Full vs. new

Celebrating that summer is here – with a new (from the stash) journal, a Moleskine this time. The pink owl journal is jam packed with words, many of them morning pages making my head a nicer place to carry around.

Tabs for spring
I use my diary as a calendar too, and in this one I’ve marked the beginning of a new month with a round tab, punched from wall paper. The idea for this comes from a photo found in flickr, if you look close at my spring inspirations you will be able to sport the source of my inspiration! I just thought it looked so neat, and it is!

I also scanned the last three diary collages:

Diary collage in May (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

Another Diary collage (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

First of June (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. Love the photos of the lovely and oh so smart Smilla ! I think she lies on the diary because it makes her feel close to you.
    Enjoy a creatove weekend, wonderful Artist Girl !

  2. I have a theory about why you cat uses your journal as a pillow. My two cats love to use my large journal as a place to lay as well. I believe they can feel/see/sense the love we put into our journals. Our cats love to sleep at our head on a pillow and a friend a long time ago told me our aura comes out of the top of our head, I believe they like to be near our aura.

  3. Smila is using your journal as a pillow because she knows you will want to write in it. I love the windflowers … such a lovely name

  4. smilla is one beautiful lady! i always thought that cats just liked to be the center of attention, but i really like what brian said. my cats adore lying on whatever i’m working on, and love the sound of crinkling paper under their paws, too.

    your journal pages are amazing! i wonder, do all of your pages have some doodles or bits of collage in them, or are there some pages – or many pages – that are exclusively writing? thanks so much for the inspiration, love, hope you (and smilla) are having a beautiful weekend!

  5. I believe cats are artists in their own way. Diesel loves to jump on the table when I leave a freshly painted background to dry so now I have to find other places to let my art dry if I don’t want her playing in it.
    Your journals/diaries are always such inspiration. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. I love that you shared these pages with us. That bowl of berries!

    I think Smilla likes to be near your essence.

    I can’t believe I still haven’t started a color journal! Where are my priorities?!

  7. I love your ideas!!! Can I ask where are you taking the pictures, photos from? Do you cut them out of magazines etc? I always wanted to make my diary special, but it looks like I don’t have enough ideas.
    Anyway, great blog :)

  8. Thank you for your comments!

    Ula, I save everything that is pretty and because I work with collage I have a lot of pretty clippings around here! I cut out magazine images from interior design mags and also use quotes, headlines, stickers and parts of ads and articles that I think are interesting. Just cut, glue and enjoy! :-)

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