iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010

Can you “paint” and be creative with something as simple as masking tape?

I believe you can! I actually know you could be creative with almost anything if you just look at the possibilities there are… It is also known as “thinking outside the box” when you really look and touch and try to see new ideas that wasn’t taught to you by someone else.

Don’t limit yourself to “what is”. Just try it on your own. My theme for the Sketchbook Project last year was Grids and lines so it was quite natural to me to create a few grids using masking tape. It’s simple, I know, but also fun. I always have masking tape handy at my desk and I use it in all kinds of ways.

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
In the scanned page below the yellowness of the page is exaggerated. I very much like that at a first glance this page is almost empty, but if you take a closer look the grids and lines are there, as a subtle texture.

Masking tape grid & map grid
I also used bits and pieces of old maps. What could be more illustrative of grids and lines than the imaginary lines we draw in nature (country borders), make in nature (roads) and the magnificant lines that nature draws itself (rivers and mountains)?

Normality in a grid
Normality keeps us in line, not traveling too far outside the grid… As artists we should seek to reach outside of the normality grid, just a little little bit each day. Wear a funny hat, smile unexpected to someone, paint your nails blue or knit in public as you travel by subway to work.

If nothing else, experiment with some masking tape to make your own creations with it…

Peek-a-boo pages
This is my favorite spread of the whole sketchbook, not just because it’s got my initials but because it resembles “me” more than the rest of the pages within the very experimental sketchbook project approach.

iHanna's Sketchbook Project 2010
Plus, I played with tape and vintage book text and then cut windows into the page, kind of peek-a-boo holes that transforms the grids and lines. I don’t want it to be so rigid and serious but simply playful..

This weekend I have gotten a few emails with notifications that my sketchbook has been looked at! What a cool library system they’ve set up! The last email from [Art House Co-op] said:


We just wanted to let you know that Rodney O. just viewed your sketchbook (#23087) at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME!

Your book has been viewed 4 times so far.

The Brooklyn Art Library Librarian

Thanks Rodney & Co. for picking up my sketchbook and browsing though it. Thanks guys for reading this post and thinking outside the box a bit this week!