I must have a lilac’s purple promise to tell my winter-weary soul that spring has come and all is well.
Helen Lowrie Marshall

When I spot the first signs of spring here in Sweden I bring out my camera every year. Spring in the viewfinder just makes me happy and full of excitement!

Crocus photo by iHanna

The snow has almost melted and there is finally a feeling of spring outside. I’ve been looking for signs of spring for weeks now, and finally caught some in the viewfinder. It’s like I need to capture some of its beauty every year to fully understand and incorporate it into my life again. Spring. The smells, the sounds, the flowers once again. A crocus that is very ready to bloom, and a photo of the shawl I knitted during the last weeks of winter:

Pink shawl, with a crocheted edge. The irony is not lost; it’s the first knitted project of the year and now it’s already time to find something lighter to wear. I’m not complaining though…

More pots of spring, a yellow daffodil.

And what I’ve been reading;

Great novel by favorite author Nick Hornby.

Avoiding snow
Smilla, always on the look for a spot to sit that is not wet, cold and white.

Back inside again, eating waffles with whipped cream and mom’s homemade jam. Mmmm!

Sometimes life is good like that.