Collage has Infinite Possibilities

The true pleasure of collage is that it has infinite possibilities. The medium encourages me to experiment with all sorts of materials. Everything and anything can find its way into my work.
Mitz Trachtenberg *

Collage: Kitchen duck
Kitchen duck, original art collage available.

Collage: Bursting flower
Bursting flower, original art collage by iHanna, available

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  1. jättefina! älskar att collagera!!!
    Det blir inte bara fint, det är roligt också, eller hur?

  2. I love your collage work! Sometimes I find it difficult to make it all “fit” together, but it is so much fun!

  3. Tack! Thanks! Collage is so much fun, I totally agree. I love finding just the right piece that will fit with the others and moving things around to make it pretty and just the way that feels “right” to me. :-)

  4. Your collage work is beautiful! I love the layering in collage. It’s almost therapeutic! :)

    Also, I’m hosting a giveaway, too, on my blog today, so stop by and check it out! Happy Friday! :)

  5. So, true, collage is so fun to make and to look at all the small detail work other have put in to it.


  6. These are beautiful! They look great framed as you have them on Etsy! Thank you for the post card swap Hanna, it was kind of you to do all that work! Karen

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