Ett sklpund ullWhen I walk around at flea markets I am really drawn to old book covers. Not that I want to read all those dusty books, but the illustrations are often… telling. They speak of another time, before the internet and blogs and all that…

I used to turn these book covers into notebooks, spiral bound notebooks! The perfect “work horse notebook” if you ask me. I still like them, but I hope some of you will fancy them too because now a few of them are up in my Etsy Shop! I’ve got to many laying around here wishing someone would write in them. Please check them out if you have the time.

What I like about them?

Lena in Paris sideview
I like that they are old and you can tell that they’ve been though some rough times…

M?larflickan notebook detail
I like the style of the colourful illustrations and the beautiful titles (this one is “Painter girl”)…

Orange car notebook
And what about this one? It has an awesome orange cover, perfect for some car pool sketching…

Spiral bound notebook
I love vintage books with beautiful end-papers or like this one, a beautiful patterned paper as a cover. Simple but beautiful.

Notebook spiralbound
I like that the pages are blank and perfect both for sketching and writing, but that there are mixed in original pages left to inspire you even more!

I just like notebooks! Always have, always will. I like making them and I like sharing them and I like filling them and I like buying them. How about you? ;-)