This is update number three about my participation in/progress of The Sketchbook Project. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below. Thanks!

Quote 3 in my sketchbook by iHanna
A black and white page with this quoted cat (repeating Miau! in Swedish which is spelled Mjau!) on a carpet of lines. The second page features hands with “life lines”; the grid of wrinkles we all have on the inside of our hands. Kind of playing with both real lines and symbolic ideas of lines here.

Handshake A
A handshake, the letter “A” and a b/w reversible scrapbook paper actually called “simple grid”!

Before I started filling my sketchbook my blog friend Marcia wrote to me about hers;

I am filling mine more quickly than I thought I would. I am thinking I should have started working in the middle of the book, because the front part has gotten “fat” and I don’t know how it’s going to hold up. I saw on twitter some people are re-binding their books with new paper.

I’m keeping the original rather thin pages, but remembering this email I’ve been working from the middle and I like filling it in this way. It is not a journal so the chronology that I usually am very fond of doesn’t matter. Because I’m keeping my collages rather simple (read small and thin) my sketchbook is not very thick yet. It’s a Moleskine notebooks so it should hold up fine I hope.

Zebra pattern
Zebra inspired collage in mostly b/w.

I have finally bought a 1.5″ square punch so now I’m punching out squares and arranging them on the page. I could do that all day, it’s so fun. I am not drawn to punches that look like animals or flowers, but the simple ones I find very useful. I often use my circle punch and this new one will be well used too, I’m sure.

Read more about my cut and paste notebook of grids and lines here: The Sketchbook Project.