Let’s dive into art journaling a bit today…

Art Journal: Dive into art
Art Journal spread from this summer: Dive into art.

Just dive in! When you fill a spread in your art journal you don’t have to stay within the lines or be neat in any way. My art journal is a big altered book that is difficult to close.

Art Journal detail: yellow tag

You are encouraged to go wild and try all kind of techniques and experimentation – on the same page! Yes, keep adding stuff! I’m sure you could fit in a few more images somewhere…

Art Journal detail: diver in there

Within this spread you can find washi tape, crayon marks, smeared acrylic paint, paper stenciling, sand papering, handwritten journaling…

Art Journal detail: green flower stamp

…magazine collage, masking tape, acrylic stamping (see the big green lace shape? love that stamp!), cut out doodles and hidden messages.

When I dive into my art journal I don’t hold by breath because I don’t have to. There is pure oxygen oozing out of the art journal, giving me energy.

I hope you’ll dive into yours too!