Collage: Count on Me
Count on me.

It’s the Last of April and day number 120 of 2013. I guess that means I’m way over a hundred collages this year. Amazing and good! Today I’ve created six new collages for project 365 and I still enjoy making them! A whole lot!

I have picked flowers as a theme this time, as I’m sure you will see when you look through them. I would love to know which one is your favorite of these seven collages – and what it is about that collage that you like. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Collage: Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Collage: April Morning
Last April Morning

Collage: Flower Peek
Flower Peek

Collage: In My Corner
In My Corner

Collage: Not the Last One
Not the Last One

Collage: This is Your Breakfast
This is Your Breakfast

Wishing you a very beautiful Last of April and a Happy Glue it-Day!

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