Warm and cozy cat

Warm and cozy cat
This winter my Smilla has learned how to open the bathroom door (if it’s not totally shut). She has been inside quite a lot because the snow has been covering the world since before Christmas. She sneaks into the bathroom all the time to roll up on the blue crocheted rug in there. And it’s not that she thinks it is so pretty or anything… the bathroom floor has heating and is the warmest place in the house! She just loves to be warm and cozy, that cat.

I took a whole series of photos of Smilla, the cutest bathroom rug cat ever. Yes, another photo post. Enjoy! ;-)

Here are a few favorite photos:

On the bathroom floor
On the bathroom floor
On the bathroom floor
On the bathroom floor
Warm and cozy cat
Crocheted rug - and cat
I try to remember to leave the door open so she can get out too. Hehe.

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  1. What a gorgeous cat! So fluffy and soft looking!

    My cat loves our bathroom floor too. It’s not heated, but there is a spot where the central heating pipes lead to the bathroom radiator and the floor is quite warm there. That’s where you find him!

  2. Smila is such a beautiful cat!

    Our cat loves to sleep in the bathroom sink (when there isn’t any water in it, of course). It’s so funny to open the door and see him curled up there.

    Cats are so quirky and fun!


  3. That’s a smart kitty! And so pretty.
    I think that my favourite photo is the 5th one, where she’s seen from above, slightly off the rug. And I could so kiss the belly on the last photo…


  4. Normally I don’t care for cat posts on blogs (not because I don’t like cats) but you post so beautiful, that I really get the sentiments.

    For both of you: enjoy the spring now.
    I hope the weather is as lovely in Stockholm by now as it is in Hamburg.

  5. So cute! I must tell you though, that here, where it is hot most of the time, my animals like sleeping in the bathroom too but because the tiles in there are the coolest place in the house! Funny how things are so different and yet so much the same :)

  6. Your Smilla is a queen, and you must be The Queen Mother of Photography!! I totally love those Smilla Pictures.
    I’m so happy to tell you that two kittycat-babies recently came into my life-like a dream come true. I LOVE them with all my heart.
    They are less than 4 weeks old, and they are the CUTEST! Sorry Smilla… but you have some competition here on being the most gorgeous cat!. :P (see pictures on my blog if you like). They could be related to your Smilla, don’t you think..? Similar colours and everything. I think your Smilla looks a bit like both of them. They must all come from a Royal Kitty Family..

  7. Oh that face! ::kiss::kiss::kiss::! Smilla is such a pretty baby. I love seeing your photographs of her. She is awfully photogenic, hehe.
    Thanks for sharing, Hanna!

  8. oh, it’s so nice to see your furry friend again! she looks absolutely beautiful – and i think she knows it, too!

  9. Just be careful, before you know it she will learn how to open the fridge door, and you’ll wake up to milk that has gone off.
    My cat who sadly isn’t here anymore used to! He would only do it at nighttime, and get to cheese or milk if he could… We ended up having to get those hooks that you can get to stop children going into your cupboards, and the saleswoman asked how old the child was. ‘It’s not a child, it’s a big ginger cat!’ ;)

  10. Thanks for commenting! Haha, Eveline that is a great story! I don’t think my cat is that advanced (or strong). But cats do become our babies/children, don’t they? :-)

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