As promised a crafty project presentation. It’s a crocheted red hat with a pink kanzashi flower that I made! Here are the two pretty things put together;

iHanna's Kanzashi Hat (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Once upon a time there was this creative girl with an itch in her fingers to do something…

It was I, Hanna and this post/story is loaded with images.

Wool sweater in pink (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Do you remember this pink sweater I made? There were some left over yarn that I wanted to use. Then I thought I need a red hat so then I mostly used red wool anyway.

Crochet it is (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
I didn’t use a pattern at all. I just started to crochet.

Quite big (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
The hat is really wide, but that was exactly what I was going for. I wanted to shrink it (felt it in the machine) to make it winter safe and thick. I just had no idea what I was doing…

Virkat p? k?nn... (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
…but big it was. I took loads of stupid photos of me wearing this gigantic cap. Silly girl!

Washing machine magic (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
After I finished crocheting I put it in the washing machine and let it stay there for an hour! I kind of got sidetracked while I was waiting…

Please don't tell anyone (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Does this ever happen to you when you’re trying to do a serious craft? The silly girl inside just comes out to play without being asked sometimes.

But wait!

After the hat had dried over night it was as thick and smart as I was hoping. And out came a real lady…

My Kanzashi Hat (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Lady in red… This is me in my new hat. It fits perfectly! And it’s red which means it matches my red shoes, the red bag bunny bag I never sold – and my life! The pink flower is a Japanese Kanzashi that you can read about in my previous post about the craft book Kanzashi in bloom!

My Kansazhi Hat (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
And again. Me.

My Kansazhi Hat (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Thanks for reading/commenting!