Baby Ruth the rabbit

This is not a post about Babe Ruth even though I’ve heard of him and named my crocheted little friend after him. So go away yee baseball fans! I don’t think this is what you’re looking for:

Babe Ruth, a crocheted baby bunny or rabbit by iHanna

I’ve played around with the camera and taken some crazy photos of my alien friend, hrm, I mean rabbit friend, Baby Ruth the rabbit today. Baby Ruth was crocheted this summer while in France, but got his button eyes and almost invisible nose yesterday in front of the telly. Watcha’ all think? A total waist of time, or a funny character? Up for adoption for sure.

Babe Ruth the Rabbit Babe Ruth the Rabbit Babe Ruth the Rabbit

Other stuff I’ve been playing with today: words and poetry (at school), icy streets on my way home and a little illustration too. No art journaling, no collage energy unfortunately.

Baby Ruth the Rabbit

Studio Friday: Playtime

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  1. This is lovely! I really like the contrast of crochet and fabric – looks very soft and cuddly.
    I can’t believe it’s getting icy in Sweden already… must be a long winter ahead.

  2. Honestly? I love him. I mean, come on, he is PINK. I happen to love PINK. Pink a lil ribbon to his chest and he is aperfect Breast Cancer Awareness critter.

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