Is it hot in here? Nah, it must be me.

Pink table cloth bagI’m not crafting anything right now, I’m stationed in the sofa with tea and glasses of water and paper napkins. I’ve seen an episode of Ophra with Jon Bon Jovi giving her 1 million and surfed for a while, but I need to get back to bed.

These two bags were made pre-sickness. I bought a couple of pink crocheted table cloths at a second hand store (Myrorna) and sew them together as a bag. I lined it with a new fabric (I love this one) and the project turned out like a little pink bag! Wooho, for recycling!

Kind of thick sewing this one, but the result is just what I envisoned when I bought these!

White bag with crocheted flowers

Another bag I made this autumn. On white fabric I embrodered some pink lines and added flowers I crocheted some sunny day last year! I thought they would look good on a bag, but not that it would take me 1,5 year to make it. It is lined with cotton fabric and has a pocket on the backside. I like both, and will put them up for sale later, if there is an interest.

I have found the living room of my dreams, and it is not my own of course. It is cal7graphy artist Ylva Skarp’s [link no longer available]! I want to live there.