White bunny on red red red bag

I made a red bag with a white bunny print lining. I love how it looks, but my journal doesn’t fit inside. It will end up in my etsy shop for sure.

The Bunny Bag (copyright Hanna Andersson)

The Bunny Bag (copyright Hanna Andersson)
Bunny bag.

The Bunny Bag (copyright Hanna Andersson)

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  1. What a perfect bag to add to your shop before easter. I think putting two different reds together is hard but it looks like you did it perfectly. In America, the bunny “hides” Easter eggs, so somehow it strikes me that the bunny fabric is inside the bag — a hidden surprise! It’s wonderful… tj in germany

  2. Even though I’ve been quiet, I still read your blog!

    How much are you charging for that bag? I love it. Email me back, maybe I can save you the Etsy fees, and do a paypal transaction for the bag ;) Let me know! (Or maybe we can swap yarn for the bag? http://www.robynsnest.ca)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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