Prisms from sunshine

It’s snowing outside right now, and have been doing that since yesterday. I really want to crochet this, any ideas on how? Pattern please!

Winter is here to stay I guess – I need to go back to autumn times (September 20th) and enjoy a day when the light came through my window. At least in my mind I need to remember when sunshine came in through my window like this.

Dancing stars

See my miniature disco ball hanging in the window? It makes the most beautiful sun prisms dancing on the wall and all over the room. Here is a video in avi-format that some of you might be abe to see (might open in another window):

Click this picture to see the movie in AVI

Disco girl hair swirlIt will now be a couple of months of dark mornings, dark nights and lots of snow. No arrays of light will find their way to my window until spring! I need to light candles and find energy elsewhere….

So what about these? Glitter for my hair too. I love them, even though they makes me look like I’m seven again. Hiihi, giggle time! I sometimes wonder how these little things can make me so happy… but most of the time I don’t wonder. I just smile at the moving light, turning my head up and down, up and down… Like a little child with all the time in the world. Smiling, enjoying, not thinking about the cold outside! ;-)

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  1. That’s great – the little movie is cute. I used to have disco balls hanging up all along the window in my old house and it was so pretty, alas I got rid of them when we moved (they were cheap little ones and the mirrors were falling off of the foam balls). I love seeing your home (I’m a bit of a voyeur, yes!) – those curtains are fabulous – what a beautiful print. I’m going to be on a mission to find something kind of like them now!

  2. Oh, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been wishing for a disco ball! Everyone thinks I’m just joking, though. A small one like yours would be nice. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one.

  3. I need more shiny things in my house. You inspire, dear Hanna :) Ig?r skickade pappan min en bild av Umesn?n i deras front yard och en varm ?ppelpaj inne i k?ket. Myyyys!
    Ja, ljus ?r alltid bra.
    Kram :)

  4. cute little hair things…it’s hard to believe it’s snowing in some parts of the world. it’s been so plesant here and is just now beginning to get cool.

  5. It’s beginning to get that way here too…cold, dark and cloudy. I just went to a candle party and stocked up for the winter last week. A smile a mile wide hit my face when I saw those wonderful flecks of light being spread all over your room from that disco ball. How fun! thanks for a ray of light today

  6. Hmm, I’d look for an afghan crochet pattern, and just shrink the squares (somehow). This coming from a non-crocheter though, so…!

  7. SNOW??? You lucky pig. It’s 22 here today, I don’t get it we should have snow now not summer weather. I love your disco balls and the pretty light :o)

    Please send me some snow!!!

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