Birds on a Picnic

iHanna's Gotland Bird

When visiting Gotland I hand felted and sculptured a little bird. Then I embellished him like crazy, adding sequins to the chest, curly and coloured wool to the bum and yellow wings for him to fly with:

My wee bird

Making him reminded me of how much I like making softies, or soft sculptures, dolls and whatnot. Maybe other creatures will be born this summer.

Here he is with all his friends, made by my friends:

Going on a pic-nic

I took them out on a walk, and then we had picnic in the forest, among all the blue and white Anemones:

Gathering on the mountain
I think all the birds did enjoy it.

Don’t they look like a happy bunch of birds, huh?

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6 Responses to Birds on a Picnic

  1. Kim says:

    These are delightful! So colorful and whimsical. They made me very happy this morning. :)

  2. oh, so lovely and super cute!!! :D

  3. tally says:

    your bird is just lovely :-)
    I’m on internet very irregular for the last month due to my move.
    Tonite I saw your bird and it made me so happy. Water in my eyes.
    Greetings to Sweden.


  4. uncustomary says:

    There’s no way I could love this more.

  5. Too cute! I just love them picnicking among the anemones. They look so happy to frolic in the good weather!

  6. Natasha says:

    Hanna! They are so adorable. I love them. So quirky and wonderful. So much character. Love!

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