I like autumn the best of all the seasons


Stone lake
Bird bath in stone.

Garden decay

The sunflower in our garden is still proud, even though time is taking its toll.

See through pattern

The once yellow mandala is now fragile. The wabi-sabi of autumn makes me walk in nature and in the garden of zen with amazement once again.


See through pattern

Daisy I knew

Sometimes death is more fascinating (and beautiful) than birth and life, maybe because life is not certain but death always is. Its the inevitable end to everything. There is something reassuring about that. I think about that as the end of the year is closing in, and I need to end tracks that I no longer want to walk in.

Garden decay

I think in autumn I like autumn the best of all the seasons.

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  1. Autumn definitely is my favourite season. Everything changes: smells, sounds, colours… It’s sunny here today so I’m packing up my camera and going for a walk. You’ve inspired me to get out of the house and look at nature’s beauty! Thanks!


  2. It is my favorite too. It does not last long enough for me.

    Beautiful photography. I like the birdbath pic.

  3. I love autumn as well; it has a beauty all its own, aside from its gorgrous reds, yellows, and oranges. All of your photos are gorgeous; my favorite is the next to last one…a dying daisy still so utterly gorgeous.

  4. Snowberries even looks cold and autumn-y. Your photographs are lovely as usual Hanna, capturing the essence of the scene very well. Good work!

  5. Hanna,
    I love your pictures :o) Beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season, too. Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

  6. Autumn is my favorite as well. Always has been, and then my husband and I started to date during the Autumn of 2002. For us, it is like spring!

  7. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, autumn is definately my favourite season too, its so beautiful, with all the different coloured leaves and everything else. Seasons are so fascinating and beautiful. have a beautiful day hanna.

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