Bird food thief
We feed the bird in their yellow little house, and this winter they are really needing some extra food because the snow have covered everything else for months. I like the snow, but I wouldn’t want to dig through it to find food. Neither does this cute fellow…

A thief, but a cute one
He is really not welcome, because he eats to much and could find food elsewhere but what are we to do? He is such a smart and extremely cute thief…

Smilla, my guard cat, wants to eat the thief but he is too quick for her.

My camera doesn’t zoom very well. This photo is a crop from the high-res above photo so that we can all take a closer look and say:

– Awwww…

Have a great day!

PS: See on Ainelivia’s blog the iHanna planner way and on Chris’ Parabolic Muse blog Wish you were here! about the postcard swap, now with over 100 signed up! Exciting!