Hello there

I took my camera for a walk this weekend, to not just have the instagram fall photos when winter comes. To gather and save how magically beautiful sunshine on yellow leafs are.

Autumns pattern

To get some fresh air in between intense creating going on around here. Preparing postcards for the DIY Swap (you can still sign up!), knitting on a cardigan that I’m excited about, trying out new creative tools that I ordered online, listening to podcasts and thinking of November that soon will be here…

Autumn 2013

I have new energy and feel inspired by everything, even by the thought of November. November is Create Every Day Month and also NaNoWriMo, something that I am thinking about way too much. Does it mean I should give it a try even though I don’t really have the time right now? I long to write more. I want to give it a try again, seven years later… Where did all that time disappear?

Orange Ocean

Maybe gathering and saving the season in photos is the only thing I can do to freeze some time. To save the moment beauty and store it away in a hidden place. And to enjoy the moment of course. That’s my goal anyway.

Green vein pattern

Gathering patterns, and colours, and textures by photographing them selfishly and then sharing them willingly.

Spotted leafs

I really like my new camera, a Nikon D5200. We’re becoming friends. Not best friends just yet, but I think we will get there eventually.

Green veins

By the way. If you want to have my best autumn craft tip I recommend you make some leaf roses. Tis’ the season for that and they’re super fun to make.

Berberis bush

What creative adventures are you planning for? What do you do when you want to do too much?