It is finished! My pink quilt is finished!

Bundle of love

It’s a bundle of love when it is folded like that, and spread out on the floor it is a feast for the eye. I think I’ve used almost every pink fabric that we have and I love love love it!

This is the third and last part of The making of a Quilt, a bit of a tutorial and a bit of documenting the process.
The other parts in this series are
1) The making of a quilt – Starting is easy
2) The making of a quilt – Sewing it together
plus some thoughts in post 3) while having a drink at the veranda

Adding the edge

Quilting the layers is a bit of a task, but once that is finished all you have to do is add an edge to the quilt and you’re finished. This is the part that I think many quilters procrastinate. I know I did for a while, and then I decided to sew some of the left over stripes together and cut them to 7 cm with. I like this edge, it fits the rest of the quilt well. As seen on the photo above;

1) take the long (7 cm wide) stripe and pin it to the backside of the quilt. Lay the pieces of fabric on a flat surface and line up the edges of the fabric. Then sew it in place. Do this on both long sides. (Do not sew over pins!)

2) Turn the whole work over so that the front is facing upwards. Fold the fastened stripe piece over the quilted layers and fold in the raw edge in and pin all the way. Measure if you need to check that it is even before you sew a straight seam on your sewing machine. I use white or off-white thread.

Pink Quilt 2008

3) The long-side is finished and the short-side is still “raw” in this image as you can see. You do this in the same way as above only you tuck in the ends and sew them in place too. It’s a handful maneuvering this in the sewing machine, but it works!

Pink Quilt 2008
The edge is finished – and then the quilt is finished! iHanna is happy.

Finished Pink Quilt

Pink Quilt - backside
I’ve already seen a couple of movies in the TV-sofa under this cozy blanket, and all I can say is (again) I love it! I think you should start right now to make a cozy blanket for yourself. Yes, it’s a quite a bit of work, but it’s worth it! I like the weight of mine, and the newness it has to it. I will love to see it age and if you come back in 30 years to this blog, remind me to post another photo so you can see how it ages…

Made by Mimi Kirchner I was inspired by dollmaker Mimi Kirchner’s handmade quilt from 1978 in blue. Thank you Mimi for posting it and allowing me (and mom) to be inspired by it! I just love how simple yet fascinating this quilt is, and I’m glad I made one for myself. I will post photos of my mothers project too as soon as I’ve taken some photos. She made a similar alongside with me, and hers looks more like Mimi’s since it is blue too.

Have fun making a quilt of your own!