I’ve sewn together a very easy table runner for a friend of mine. I still adore the table runner we’ve got on our living room table right now, the polka dot one I made this spring. It really makes me happy, with all those bright colors together. I can’t wait to make another one for us, when I find the time, in more “iHanna colors”.

Sewing scraps together to make a purple table runner for a friend, photo and sewing by iHanna #quilting

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Miles Davis

For now I am going to share the second table runner I made, a purple one for a friend who has been without somewhere to live for a couple of months. As she was moving around to different locations, in search of a permanent situation, I sat down to sew a table cloth for her new home. And when she finally found a tiny apartment that suits her perfectly, I gave this table runner to her as a welcome-home-gift, instead of flowers.

Not a fan of purple

I’m not a fan of purple, but my friend is, so why not give it a try? I made this one of different weights of non-qulting fabrics in purple that I had in my stash, and one light pink shade of cotton that I painted with fabric glitter paint a long time ago. I absolutely love how it turned out, with all the different textures, subtle in tone, patterns and with some shimmery effects on the silky fabrics. Yum!

Sewing scraps together to make a purple table runner for a friend, photo and sewing by iHanna #quilting

The back of it is just as yummy. I didn’t find a second hand fabric in my stash that I thought could go with the front, so went with this new rosy one that I adore. It’s way too pretty to be the backside of anything, if you ask me, but I had to use it. It was a perfect fit.

Sewing lilac scraps together to make a purple table runner, photo and sewing by iHanna #quiltin

Fab, as my friend would say.

iHanna's Lilac Table Runner for a friend, photo and sewing by iHanna #quilting

My purple table runner consists of thick stripes sewn together, a middle fabric and a backing. I didn’t quilt it much at all, just around the edge and a few lines accross the strips. But I think it turned out great. What was the last thing you sewed up on your sewing machine? Or if you don’t own or use a sewing machine, what would you make if you could?

Wishing you a Happy Midsummer Weekend!