Mixing diagram of my beloved watercolors by iHanna

Inspired by Nina Johansson I did this color mixing chart in my art journal recently. It was a great exercise because I forget to mix colors and just use them as they are when I paint! And it was a lot of fun making this chart. It made me consider getting some books on ordinary art materials that I use. I know I have one about painting, but it’s packed away right now.

Since I don’t have an art education tricks like this exercise is unknown to me. I just don’t have this in my blood (yet). I like to know more of these tricks as they widen my horizons.

iHanna's old and worn Watercolor Paint box

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From Dale’s blog Flights of Fancy (Dale is sending me a house because I was the 1000th visitor to her blog!) where I saw Jen Worden’s challenge that says:
Work from one end of a How-to book to the other, project by project. It’s a great challenge, this is what I want to do with all my craft and art books!

Clicked on to a blog called Lani puppetmaker [via creative clown] where I found her very cool online workshops! There is a lot of very nice online workshops right now, have you noticed? I would love to take one, but which to pick? One of Lani’s is called Artist’s Happiness Challenge (!), and you can also buy Lani’s books at Lulu.com (I want all of them), like the Happiness challenge e-book!

Found a new podcast that seems very nice, Windows to wellness, by clicking around in the iTunes Store in the program. They have a category there that is called podcasts and most are free to subscribe to! Check out the category Alternative Health for example… Lots of fun there!

If you want something fun to do this summer I suggest you sign up to the postcard swap over at hula seventy! Her photos and postcards looks so yummy and sending out postcards is a lot of fun!

While writing yesterdays post I found this video on Hand quilting techniques that I think is nice.

I’m going to splurge on TubLegs (and maybe finally get to mound my letters on something?)!

If you’re like me and like old books with old illustrations check out BibliOdyssey! Yummy!

Today I’ve listened to ZNE podcast with mixed media artist Lesley Riley and designer and cool scrapbooking gal Ali Edwards! Lots of inspiration there! Listen while you create, I did.

And for a visual party beyond words: scrappynations most interesting, lusummer’s most interesting, novembermoon’s most interesting and also karna 1268’s most interesting!