Blogs I recently found that I think you’ll enjoy checking out! They are about creativity, inspiration, craft and life in general. This is a long list post. Get coffee as they say.

Or bookmark this post and visit one new blog each day during the summer. Really explore these links and go back in the archives of them to find yummy inspiration!

Beads in the sun

I add new blogs to my Link Love Page all the time, as I find them. I’ve done that for years so my list is huge by now. Sometimes I clean up and remove blogs that have changed subject, that are not updated or that is not interesting to me any more. I started with a link list full of knitting related stuff, and now I have almost none of those left. Instead I have blogs in other categories. The past few months when I’ve added a new blog to my list I’ve added a little star (*) to it, marking it NEW to me. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?! Today I’m removing the stars and starting over and thus thought I’d share all the new (to me!) blogs so you won’t miss them among the others!

All of these blogs are fantastic!

Creativity and Inspiration

The News Blogs in Craft world. In this category I file the link-blogs that features other peoples creativity in one way or another.

*The Crafty Crow– children’s craft projects (but I want to do every project on there too!)

* vintage transfer finds – embroidery patterns free to download, lots of cute!

* A Storybook Life – Creative home and garden ideas, nice photo inspiration

Craft and life

* Anna – Mochimochi Blog – knitted toys that makes me smile

* Dennis – – bookbinding and paper art, amazing stuff!

* DIY diva – a girl with power tools (wish I could find more hardcore girls that blog about it!)

* Irene – bookhoucraftprojects – make art with your child, fun and inspiring projects

* June – Planet June – amigurumi heaven right now, Jane reminds me of me

* Marcia – fifi’s grafitti – friend blog that I’d forgot about for a while, a must visit!

* Melissa – yummygoods blog – thrifted finds to die for!

* Michael – State of the Craft – Quilting guy with recycle ideas!

* Patricia – A Little Hut – love her paper cutting stuff!

* Regina – Creative Kismet – a mom blog that is fun!

* Sarah & John – Sewer-Sewist – A couple that sews and blogs together. Sweet!

* Toni – Wifely Steps – a little bit of this and that, new friend found via Shai’s blog

Tricia – Oh So Crafty – lots of nice little tutorials

* Nyx – Creating ftw! – blog friend that just does amazing stuff!

* Theresa – hugs across the universe – reappearing again under a new name and new form – and I’m happy happy happy

I need to go eat and celebrate my little brothers birthday now. I’ll post the rest of the list (visual blogs about photo and art) next week. Enjoy!