Freeform Embroidery by iHanna, Sweden

After I wrote the Wow factor post about what inspires me in others art I thought I’d do a free form embroidery. One where I could try some of the things I like; words and swirls (lots of shapes and patterns in the same piece that work together), bright colors (happy colors), texture and some glitter too.

Freeform LOVE embroidery

It took me about two TV-watching nights to embroider the whole thing. I had it fastened in a plastic frame that I bought at a flea market. The frames had some cute rose embroidery inside, but I’ve cut up those and now I’m using it as an embroidery hoop. It works great and cost next to nothing.

Freeform LOVE embroidery

Then I sat on stairs outside adding some beads to finish my little freeform work of art. Tiny glass beads and glitter sewing thread!

Mom thinks it could go into a bag design (she sees bags in every fabric), but I don’t know. I just want to continue to my next piece and not worry about what this is you know. It’s a free form embroidery. It’s like doodling with your floss, slowly making progress.

I’ve used all the three or four stitches that I know in this one. Maybe I should check out some more to practice on next. I know just where to go to learn more about hand embroidery stuff!

Freeform backside view

The backside looks nice too if you ask me; a bit more wild and uncut!

The whole enchilada:

Freeform LOVE embroidery

I think you can tell it wasn’t a sketch before I started, it just grow as I did it. Have you done any free form embroidery? It’s fun, you should try it. No rules! Just color, glitter thread, beads – and maybe a button or three? Yummy!

Still life

Iced coffee, some beads and my freeform embroidery out on the stairs.