There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose. a louise hay daily affirmation

Grna visboken

I’ve been outside almost the entire day.

I impregnated the outdoor floors in my parents garden. Painting transparent oil, smelling its sharp ingredients, listening to the birds around me.

Outdoor patio floor photo - structure texture color love

I also had my coffee outside laying in the new white bench that has a carved rose motive to lean against. Then I finally took out a blanket and crafted a bit – outdoors. Feeling like summer is on its way. I cut and glued some in my inspiration book and added imagery to write on in my diary. Organizing recent clippings in folders and books. Reading.

I’m reading The Time traveler’s wife right now. I started reading it last week on my birthday and it was such a treat to give myself. This book is a wonderful romance novel, where the “first meting” is repeated more than usual because Henry, the long thin librarian, travels in time and comes to visit his wife both as a child and as a grown up.

Thrifted novels The first half of the book was sweet, fun and cute. The second half is just as well written but has that bittersweet feeling that all will not end well. Reading this book reminds me of when I was reading Anna Gavalda’s Hunting and Gathering (which has a much better title in Swedish; Tillsammans r man mindre ensam). I was feeling this book in my gut, that tickling feeling you get when you’re falling in love with someone or something. I recommend both of these books very much.

Please feel free to share your tips on Great Books for Summer Reading below!

This week end I thrifted a huge pile at my cousin’s school where the kids had arranged all kinds of activities to collect money for a prom and trip.

Five (5!) novels for ten (10!) SEK, plus a meditation guide with daily thoughts for self-help developing for women! Which one should I start reading?

I also thrifted a music book that I just couldn’t resist because of the wonderful cover and cute illustrations (see below). I will have to take it to my grandmother’s piano soon and take it for a test drive there…

Bonden och krkan
Illustration from my new song book called Gröna visboken (Green songbook).

Pink music book
Inside the cover of the music book. Love these illustrations and the simple lines. Inspiration!

Don’t forget to give me some reading tips for the coming summer! Thanks!