Birthday flowers

Today it is my blog’s birthday
. Hurray hurray hurray! It is this blog’s fourth birthday.

That means I’ve been writing a blog for four years today. That is a lot of days (1461 days). According to my stats iHanna has written 779 posts and got 6,183 comments so far! I’ve written a post almost every second day for four years (oh why did I check that!). Oh my gosh, that’s a big archive of creative posts in this lil’ ol’ blog! Some available in book form now.

As a birthday gift to the blog and its writess I’d love you to answer these three questions:

1) Where do you live and what do you work with?

2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)

3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)

Thanks my darlings!

PS: You can also tell me about what books you are reading in the comments in my last post! I’d love to know. The questions are inspired by getting to know your readers, a post by Shai.