Four years of blogging adventures

Birthday flowers

Today it is my blog’s birthday
. Hurray hurray hurray! It is this blog’s fourth birthday.

That means I’ve been writing a blog for four years today. That is a lot of days (1461 days). According to my stats iHanna has written 779 posts and got 6,183 comments so far! I’ve written a post almost every second day for four years (oh why did I check that!). Oh my gosh, that’s a big archive of creative posts in this lil’ ol’ blog! Some available in book form now.

As a birthday gift to the blog and its writess I’d love you to answer these three questions:

1) Where do you live and what do you work with?

2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)

3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)

Thanks my darlings!

PS: You can also tell me about what books you are reading in the comments in my last post! I’d love to know. The questions are inspired by getting to know your readers, a post by Shai.

53 Responses

  1. Congrats on your 4th year of blogging!

    1) I live in Montreal, Canada. A city full of culture and inspiration. As for the “work with” question… if you mean actual work, then I’m a childcare provider (I work in a school with kids between 8 and 10 years of age but I’m not a teacher.) If you mean what type of art or craft do I work with… then I’d have to say mostly paint, pens/markers of all kinds, paper, glue.

    2) My favourite subjects of yours… hmmm tough question. Obvisouly, I love when you write about your art but I also like your posts on trifting.

    3) And finally, my life’s passion… ART art ART… creating, seeing, appreciating it… what/who inspires me… too many things to start listing… nature, my friends, colours, textures, artists who love their art, kids, animals… There are so many inspiring blogs and books out there that sometimes, I spend a whole weekend’s afternoon on the computer doing nothing else!

    Sophie (and Diesel, my purring furry baby!)

  2. Happy bloggiversary! *^v^*
    1. I live in Poland and I am a housewife by choice and a mixed-media artist by passion.
    2. I love reading about your journaling (constant inspiration) and your quilting (because I don’t do this myself so I love seeing it on other blogs ^^).
    3. My passions are: knitting, painting and medieval crafts. I’m inspired by many people (you, for example! ^^), among others: Suzi Blu, Violette (, Sharon (, Tascha (, and many more.

  3. 1) Where do you live and what do you work with?

    I live in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol in the UK. I create and curate- I use all sorts of things for my own work, and find all sorts of artists for the exhibitions i’ve curated.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)

    I like the day to day insight into someone elses life- it’s nice to see how creative people live their lives.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)

    My life’s passion is probably the pursuit of sleep- as much and as often as I can get it! I think I am happiest when I am curating exhibitions, pulling togther artists and artwork and letting new audiences experience it. I find my friends inspirational (in particular my friend Ally ( ) and Alys ( I am collaborating with Edith Abeyta at the moment and she has blown me away with some of her work. (

  4. Yaaaaaay! Happy Blog Birthday! For your Question #2, I’ll say that I love the fact that you write about all kinds of different things on your blog. I’m always getting new inspirations from the things you share. I can’t choose a favorite!

    I look forward to years five, six, and beyond… :-)

  5. Wow, I didn’t even know what a blog was four years ago! Happy blogiversary :)

    1) Where do you live and what do you work with?
    I live in Arlington, Texas & I am a graphic designer at an advertising company. Hopefully one day Funky Finds will be my full-time gig!

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? Crafty projects

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? I love promoting creative & talented people who inspire me daily. My fiance, Joe, also inspires me constantly. He’s always in a good mood & gung ho about anything & everything!

  6. happy blog bday!

    1) Where do you live and what do you work with? I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a software developer who likes to get away from the computer sometimes and scrapbook, sew, read and write.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? I’m new around here but I really like your photographs and different craft ideas

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? all aspects of art are my passion: music, drawing, body art, fashion, poetry, digital illustration and web design. i find new inspiration everyday.

  7. 1) I live in San Francisco one of the most beautiful and progressive cities in the world. And I also know that I was very lucky to have been born and raised in such a place and try never to take it for granted!

    2) I am an environmental scientist for the State of California and love my job! I feel most days I can make a difference in the world through my career and get to travel extensively in California as well.

    3) My family and friends, the beauty and diversity of California, the everyday people I meet are what inspire me the most in my art. And yes, reading blogs like yours is the “icing on the cake”!

    Happy 4th blogging birthay, Hanna!

  8. Happy Blogday!!! WOW! Four years…..Congratulations!

    1. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and I’m an Artist and full-time Carer. I have a home-based studio where I teach a couple of art classes a week and the rest of the studio time is all mine!

    2. I only discovered your blog in recent months and I enjoy the projects you post about but I love that your blog is full of variety.

    3. My life’s passion would be my family and my art. I am inspired by too many things to list here but I will say that the Blogosphere has opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me in fine art and mixed media. LOVE it all!

  9. Hej Hanna – happy birthday :o)!!!

    1. USA
    2. I like reading all of your blog posts… I know that’s not really constuctive, but they’re all good. I like reading your posts on creativity and I really like it how you share your resources and links that you find helpful. I really like reading about the creative lifestyle you live.
    3. My passions are making things, reading, taking pictures, and running. My family inspires me, as do a whole bunch of crafty bloggers…you’re one of them!! Books are also good sources of inspiration.

    Have you heard of the website ? It’s a great way to track what you’re reading/have read/want to read. I love it!!! I would recommend that you read A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle. It’s a super funny one :o)

    Take care & have a lovely day!!!

  10. Happy 4th birthday, iHanna’s blog! :)

    1) Where do you live and what do you work with?
    I live in Manila, Philippines. :) I work in the advertising industry but in June, I’m moving to the media industry. I’m so excited!

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)
    I love reading about your creations! I particularly enjoy taking us through the different steps you go through to make the project come to life. The journey is always inspiring, creative and interesting.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)
    My life’s passion is writing. My husband inspires me a lot, as well as nature, my own experiences and other people’s stories. :)

    Time to celebrate!

  11. Hi Hanna! Happy Blog Birthday :)

    1) I live in Halifax, Canada, however right now I’m in Daegu, South Korea. I’m an art school graduate, and right now I’m here teaching English. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life…just that I want it to be creative. I have worked in art galleries and as a furniture finisher in the past, which was fun. I also have a degree in Psychology and worked with disabled people for a while.

    2) My favourite posts of your are the ones where you show us your workspace, or a work in progress, where we can see all of your materials–very inspiring. My other favourite posts are Smilla posts :)

    3) My passion is to make things. I love projects, and making things out of nothing. I also love to tinker around the house and try to spruce it up with my creations and thrift store finds. I love animals, particularly pigeons.

    4) Books I have read that have stuck with me, include:
    -In the shadow of Man by Jane Goodall
    -Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
    -The Water Method Man by John Irving
    -The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
    -Misery by Stephen King
    -What is The What by Dave Egers
    -Vive Le Vegan by Dreena Burton (cookbook! I love cookbooks :)

    I look forward to many more posts. Your positivity is such an inspiration.

  12. 4 years wow! Congratulations


    1) Where do you live and what do you work with?
    I live in Oxford, England and work in academic publishing.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)
    I love the variety. I mainly knit so I really enjoy those posts but I love seeing all the crafty stuff you get up to.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)
    Making is definitely my passion – whatever medium a FO gives me excitement and feelings of achievement. The craft blogging community is definitely my biggest inspiration – wonderful to see what ‘real’ people do.

  13. Happy birthday to your blog. That’s fantastic. I will answer your questions but will probably make a blog entry out of it and link to this entry. Hope that’s ok with you. Congrats on reaching a very cool milestone. ;-)

  14. Joyeux anniversaire !!

    My blog turned out one just recently… I guess I missed the blog train, although I have a website for 10 yrs.
    1) I live in France, am a quilt/knit/craft shop owner, designer/writer pfff ! and wife, mother of 3, etc…
    2) what I love is the variety, and the list of links you give in your posts, I even bought your book, am currently reading it when we have sun in my garden, I love it, gives me inspiration
    3) creation ! I NEED to create/make something each day or the day seem wasted !

  15. 1) Where do you live and what do you work with?
    I live in southern Ohio. I am a full-time art education major. When I’m not at school, I Etsy…

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)
    I like seeing your artsy stuff and photos.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)
    I want to one day be someone’s inspiration… and I’m inspired by those who do what their heart tells them.

    Currently reading lots of how-to books on knitting. :D

  16. wow, thats a lot of blogging! congratulations!, in answer to your questions…

    1. i live in an area called rutland, (but am originally from near liverpool) in the uk, i used to work for a company called coats crafts uk designing cross stitch and all sorts of other needlecraft kits, but left when we moved. am now at home with the kids but doing some freelance deigning for myself and others. i work mainly with fabric, felt, embroidery thread and buttons.

    2. i was very intrigued by the book you put together, that is how i came across your blog, when i listened to your ‘craftypod’ interview.

    3. making softies is most definitely my passion, it’s not what i do all the time as it’s just not practical or commercial to do so. i find trawling second hand shops and markets hugely inspiring as i love finding old clothing and textiles in fabric i can reuse

  17. 1) I live in Carinthia, Austria. I teach business english to adults, am married and have three sons (16,14 and 12yrs.) and in my free time I love to work with fabrics and garns.
    2)I love your photography and little glimpses into young, swedish life. All your entries on sewing and decorating and all your inspiring links.
    3)I think my life?s passion is making things. I love the way different colours make me dizzy and I love making things without knowing how they are going to turn out beforehand -little adventures in craft that are unique because I made them.

  18. Happy fourth blog-birthday!

    I live in a little town in Southern California.
    At the moment I’m immersed in working in dirt, gardening – but when I’m ‘arting,’ I work with everything I can get ny hands on, from watercolor to mixed media – though my first love is drawing, and it always seems to come back to that…
    I enjoy seeing your art and crafts, your living and work spaces with your WIP – and the finished art too, of course – and your kitty :-)
    Books – I just saw you were reading The Time Traveler’s Wife – I loved that. I haven’t been in much of a fiction mood lately, mostly reading non-fiction – You Can Heal Your Life (Louise L. Hay), and also, A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle) – but when I have been in the mood for fiction, I have been reading snippets of Fool On the Hill.

  19. Maine, USA A small college town. I am mostly, usually, unemployed but right now I’m working a temp job at a garden center.

    I am an artist working in watercolor, collage and fabric. I love when you make something, like the Valentines, that get me excited to try to make them –and they came out so cute. I also carved an alphabet of stamps out of erasers. Thank You for those two great ideas.

    I am an intuitive artist. Stuff just comes to me and my art works best when I don’t try too hard or think too much. I ALWAYS think too much!!!

  20. Congrats!

    1. I live in Springfield, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C.

    2. I love your blog period! I really enjoy the photos and the crafts “in progress.”

    3. My life’s passions are my visual journals, and all of my art! Include also; teaching, reading, and most of all, my family.

  21. happy bloggyversary :)

    1. i live in edmonton, alberta, canada and i work with stones and metal, paint and tissue, light and cameras, ink and paper.
    2. i love your passion, the way you write about your crafts and art and the way you photograph your projects and the way your love of art dances off your words and images with such style :)
    3. my life’s passion is writing and photography, light and ink :)

  22. Happpy birthday!!

    You know where I live. Ume?

    I like everything you write because it’s you that has written it!

    Everything inspires. Life itself and all beauty there is. You know that I like woodwork a little more than everything else that I work and create with.

    Love you!

  23. 1) I live in northern Alabama and I am a collage and mixed media artist and graphic designer.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? I enjoy your blog because it gives me a glimpse into your life with your art, your kitty and mom. I love your bright colors in your art and the fact that you are so passionate about everything.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! Yes, you do inspire me. Also nature, other artists, blogs, TV, watching people, my fur babies and just about everything else in life inspires me to want to create. I’d have to say that my life’s passion is my family, my dogs, my friends and trying to live an artistic, productive life.

  24. Happy blogday!
    1.I live in Kent in the UK, I’m a stay-at-home mum and I have just recently started knitting and sewing (& blogging!). So far have just knitted scarves and sewn bags, but hoping to spread my wings a little!
    2. I too enjoy all the subjects in your blog. I think the amount of variety is what makes it so interesting.
    3. My lifes passion – I would have to say my two gorgeous sons! Inspiration – again, my kids, colour, nature, and all you amazing people out there in blogland!
    PS. I also loved The Time Travellers Wife – I just hope the movie is as good.

  25. 1) I live in rural West Virginia (US). I’m an entomologist by training and inclination, but I’ve made my living teaching and researching molecular genetics of microbes. I write and take pictures, play music, knit, spin, and do all sorts of sewing. If it’s fabric, I have to try it!

    2) I love your enthusiasm for all the things you do, and I admire your willingness to try many different things.

    3) My inspirations are nature, fiber, and all the amazing things that other people do. Trying new things keeps me excited about life.

  26. hello iHanna, happy blogversary!

    1. i am from general santos city, in the southernmost part of the philippines. i recently quit my job as a banker to join my husband in dublin, ireland.

    2. i love to read all your posts, and especially likes your cat’s pictures. i love cats!

    3. i love snail mails, and sewing and dabbling on some crafty projects every now and then. i get inspired reading craft blogs online, japanese craft magazines, beautiful fabrics, at home on a rainy day among many things.

    thank you for asking, i’ve been lurking here for a while now! :-)

  27. 1) Auckland, New Zealand – I sew, garden and make jewellery. I’m trying to find my artistic side, I know it’s in there somewhere!

    2) Would have to be your art cards – they’re awesome, and of course the craft. But it’s all good.

    3) Passion is learning new things. My inspiration would have to be my daughter.

    Book I’m reading at the moment: Creative journal writing : the art and heart of reflection / Stephanie Dowrick.


    1)I’m a german gal living in New Zealand and work in counselling.

    2)I like the variety of subjects and the combination of top notch photography. Regarding our little exchange about the subject of envy: I WANT your camera and wish I would be as creative as you are. I also like that you allow us to have a peek into your creative day to day life. I also like the reports and photos of your cute cat Smilla.

    3)My life’s passion is Philosophy, Positive Psychology and not forgetting to have fun in life. I get inspiration from people who went through tough times and still manage to enjoy life. People who fight for their values and fairness in society.

  29. I live in California. I love reading about new projects and ideas and I am inspired by a lot of other blogger artists. Happy Birthday!

  30. Hi! Happy blog-birthday. I visit your blog for the first time and it?s very beautiful. I?m living in Germany.

    Have a nice day!

  31. Hey there!

    I’m from Connecticut, USA….and just started reading iHanna a few months ago. I was looking for inspiration before I began my first crocheted blanket, which was an awesome project to take on) So I like the yarn stuff, because I’m still new to it. And posts that are about making new things/new looks out of old stuff, like renovating a living room chair. And both you/your moms quilted things are awesome, because they are so original and non-traditional.

    Personally, I love/enjoy coming into a space and making it better by arranging, adding, and removing furniture, paint, and artwork. I like making, and finding (and buying–i do have some guilty shopping habits) things for my living space, wherever it might happen to be. So interior design is my big thing, even though I’m graduating this semester with a degree in Fine Arts/painting.

    As far as books I’ve read recently, “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien was good, a war story, but much more personal than most military things–usually i don’t go for that stuff. Also, “Atonement” by Ian McEwan (i might have spelled that wrong)

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

  32. Happy blog birthday! I’m de-lurking to answer your questions…

    1. I live in San Francisco, California and work on a NASA project developing an airborne observatory for infrared astronomy. My degree has nothing to do with science, so I help with project management and organizational type things.

    2. There are so many things I love about your blog! I love seeing all of your clever crafts, and I also love your photos of flowers and things you’ve found that inspire you. One of my favorite posts was about your grandmother — I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

    3. Right now I am passionate about knitting and sewing — I am inspired by the past, by my family, and by various cultures (especially Sweden, where both sides of my family came from a few generations ago).

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  33. Congratulations!

    1) I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and I work as a web programmer.

    2) I love your posts about creativity.

    3) I am passionate about making things with my own two hands. I find inspiration all around me.

  34. Hej Hanna!
    Jag bor i Pite? i Sverige och arbetar som hantverkare.

    Jag l?ser helst om kreativa saker som kan inspirera mig till andra kreativa saker.

    Passionen i mitt liv ?r just Livet! Att leva h?r och nu. Sv?rt, men jag f?rs?ker varje dag att komma ih?g det.

    Just nu l?ser jag Kicki & Lasse av Peter Kihlg?rd

  35. I live in portland, oregon USA who has been an indie shop owner – turnded electrician! I work with music, words, yarn, and fabric.
    I like to read about what goes on in your life…how life there is different from here….
    I am inspired by my family, friends, and nature. My passions are many, and include fiber arts, knitting, reading, gardening, and dreaming.
    thanks ihanna!

  36. Happy blog birthday, Hanna! Love love love what you do in your blog. So, very well done. Thanks again for participating in 52WoC. And, I’m so pleased to see the turnout for your getting to know you post. Great job!

    Here’s my response:

    1) Where do you live and what do you work with? Adelaide, Australia. Work with b5media.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)

    Love all your creative ideas posts. Tutorials are great too! Some stories from your personal life are also charming.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)

    Art. Creativity. Writing. Making things. Love. My kids & husband. :-)

  37. Happy blogoversery and hope to be here on your 5th anniversary!
    1) I am from Romania, I live in Holland, and I like to make all kind of crafts, quilts and scrapbook (sometime with my little angel Miriam)
    2) I like the crafts ideas first of all, but you are in my bloglines so I keep an eye on everything you do:)
    3) My passion is my family, and I am working on making life my passion. Inspiration? To difficult to say…

  38. Happy birthday!
    1) I live in Kalmar, Sweden, and I’m studying to be an optician.

    2) I love reading about your knittng, sewing and crafting, but also your photos and your cat Smilla.

    3) Right now school takes up most of my time, but I love knitting, sewing, photography, trying new crafty stuff, making things up and writing short fairy tales. Inspiration comes and goes, but I get a lot from my sister and travelling, and of course the wonderful world of the world wide web.

  39. Hurray!!

    1. I live in Stockholm and work at a newspaper as a editor (redigerare s? p? eng?).

    2. I love your posts about your visual journal and your posts about changing thrift-founds! You make so many beautiful things.
    3. My life’s passion.. small question. I love art, I love writing, I love creativity, I love home furnishing, I love color. In one word? Creativity in all it shapes.

    I hope to read a lot more of you!

  40. Happy Blog Birthday, Hanna!

    1. I’m a blogger, dancer, former engineer, and mum of 2 in Winnipeg, Canada.

    2. When I’ve popped in, I really enjoy your photos the most.

    3. My life’s passions are my family, my blog, my friends, my home, … I guess, my life :) And my inspiration comes from everything and everyone that touches my life.

    Great site!

  41. Feliz Cumpleanos!

    1) I live in New York City and I work with pretty much whatever strikes my fancy.

    2) I really enjoy your posts on paper crafts,quilting, and thrifting.

    3) My life’s passion? Wow! I guess I would have to say making the world beautiful for my loved ones and it is my loved ones and the world in which I live that inspire me.

  42. A belated Happy Blogaversary, Hanna! I picked a rose for you – your favorite color, too!

    1)I live in McKinney, Texas, and I work on a computer retouching images in Photoshop.

    2)I especially like your collages and your home decorating projects.

    3)I think my life’s passion must be fixing my house, experimenting with making art, photography, and historical explorations. I always seem to have a variety of projects “in progress”. I want to enjoy the journey that is life!

  43. Hanna, I am SUCH a loser! I missed your blogversary !! Happy Happy!

    I live in California, and I love everything you write about and all the photos you show us and the great tutorials. Your blog is a very inspiring place to be. I love your enthusiasm, and Smilla.

    I think my life’s passion is learning. Just about everything interests me, I’m curious and I try to teach myself whatever I can.

    Thank you for being here!

  44. Hanna, happy blogiversary! We are all lucky to have your blog to read, so thank you a zillion times over.

    1) Where do you live and what do you work with?

    I live in Chesapeake, Virginia, in the eastern U.S., but I’m really from the West Coast. I mainly work with India ink and watercolor (hence my Etsy shop name, paintandink), but I also play with acrylics and markers and colored pencils and make a lot of collages just for me.

    2) What are the subjects in my blog you like best? (I write about a lot of different stuff)

    I really love all your subjects, because I love the way you don’t hesitate to try something new, and you fill your life with color; I identify most with your journaling posts, but your other subjects inspire me to explore new media.

    3) What is your life?s passion and what / who inspires you? (except me)! ;-)

    My life’s passions are the people I love (especially my husband), living a full and rich life, writing and painting, and I am inspired by all the things I’ve experienced in my life, the places I’ve gone, the things I’ve seen. And I’m driven by an innate sense of wonder, possibility and curiosity.

  45. I live in Vancouver Canada.
    I love the variety of topics you cover in your blog, and the photos that accompany your posts. There is always something inspiring to read!
    My passion is to express myself in different ways, either with crochet, photography, painting or drawing. I also love to travel!

    Happy Blogging Anniversary!


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