Living introverted by Lee Ann I have learned a lot about being introverted from writer and blogger Lee Ann Lambert who self published a book called Living introverted in 2009. In her book Lee Ann describes the introverted personality very well. She write:

Introverts are people who need to be left alone at times (much more often than extroverts). We need to think quietly, plan, mull and imagine. We prefer to spend the bulk of our time “in our heads”, and we cannot do this well while in the middle of a group of people at a tailgate party. Introverts tend to be thinkers, planners, strategists, and imagineries, and enjoy doing complex work with our brains.

Reading this I’m reminded of my childhood, where I would prefer a book in front of playing with the other children in school. Hiding from the locomotion of the school yard I would sit comfortable inside in a window recess reading a book too heavy for my age. I guess I just needed time by myself. Nobody told me it was okay, teachers would often ask what was wrong? I wish I would’ve know about the word introverted back then! A section of Lee Ann’s book is about introverted children, and any parent of a silent tranquil child should check this book out!

Lee Ann also writes:

Extroverts find introverts mysterious and sometimes unsettling. We can be difficult to read because we do not readily share our thoughts with others until we feel comfortable doing so.

When I meet with new people I have been told I’m secretive and mysterious. This baffles me as I know I’m not. I love to talk about personal stuff with my friends and I don?t keep secrets. I mean, I blog online for heavens sake! So why do some get this impression of me I ask myself? Reading the book I understand that I need to feel comfortable with that new person in my life before I start talking about personal stuff. I have no secrets, but I don?t share everything with just anyone, and some things that to an extrovert is comfortable talking about to any new stranger is not at all easy-talk to me! I don’t like to talk about money at all, and I seldom mention my blog or other creative projects.

I think Lee Ann Lambert’s book is a great introduction
to the mind of introverts, with lots of tips on how to hone your social skills at official talks, parties and other social events. I’m not as impressed with the formatting of the text with huge margins, blank pages before each chapter etc, but that’s just my inner designer talking. If you?re at all feeling a need to explore this topic visit and read a few posts.

Coffee with an introvert I bought a copy of this book through ( in May last year and I’ve now read it again, thinking how introversion and creativity interacts rather well in my life.

As a fan of Lee Ann’s blog and as a self-publisher myself I wanted to support another writer who took the leap to publish (though I wish I had money so I could get more e-books and other self published books more often), plus as an introvert I think this is an important subject to learn more about.

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