Giveaway: one of these jeans handbags

Remember the fun of ONE World-ONE Heart last year? Well, it’s back again this year – and I’m participating on a whim.

I’m giving away one of three jeans bags
to someone with a big heart – maybe it’s you?! The other two bags will be up for sale in iHanna’s Etsy Shop after the drawing February 14th!

So enter your name and tell me which one you’d pick from these three bags that I made:

Win this bag by writing your name below
Bag #1 (blue rose)

Jeans bag might be yours
Bag #2 (pink ornament)

Jean Bag for Stylish Fashionistas
Bag #3 (summer flower)

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Contest now closed, thanks for your support everyone!

147 Responses

  1. I would choose bag number one…’s inner lining has a nostalgic look to it. I love it and the comfortable feeling it gives me. The whole idea of the bag being jeans is great…so unique!!

  2. Didn’t you participate last year too? I’ve added your link to the list – THANK YOU for participating this year. Your bags are extremely clever, they’d be great going to the beach too. Please add my name
    With joy,
    Lisa Oceandreamer

  3. These are marvelous! I have always wanted a jeans bag, since that is basically my “uniform” every day of the week! I would be thrilled to be added to your drawing, and love either the Blue Rose or Pink Ornament. Thanks so much for participating and offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  4. Gorgeous bags, I would love to be in the draw for either of them. Many thanks for your generousity and please stop by and enter into my gift draw.


  5. I would choose bag “summer flower”… because those flowers make me smile, and think about spring and warm days! I miss Spring so much! But the other two are equally fabulous! :)

  6. I like them all – they are fabo, but I think my fave is Bag #3! Please enter me into your draw! Thank you!
    PS: I have a give-away on my blog too!

  7. I like bag #1 – the blue rose…. I love jeans and I love the jeans bag!!! Please enter my name in your drawing.

    Until later,

  8. I would choose Summer Flower because it looks so fun, and reminds we of… well, summer!

  9. OH MY. This makes me so insanely happy that it should be illegal. :)


    *crosses fingers and prays to win said bag*

  10. Oh my goodness! I’d die to have that pink ornament one! You just gotta pick me!!! Take a peek at my giveaway too!

  11. I love bag #2! I’ve always wanted to make a jean bag–but how cool if I won one! YAY!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & entering my giveaway!

  12. I simply love the blue one and would love to win because….we can’t wear jeans to school. If I won the bag, I could carry it to school and pretend I am wearing some cool jeans. :)
    You have been added to “my favorites’ on my blog. Come on over and visit.

  13. Your bags a wnderful. I would pick # 2 the Pink one! But they are all great. Count me in!

  14. I just love the lining in the first purse shown…they’re all gorgeous but that’s my favourite, anything with roses in it! lol Please enter my name in your draw and make sure you come over to my blog to enter my own giveaway if you haven’t already done so!! xo

  15. I like them all, but if I had to pick one – I’d say #2…. I love the lining that you used for that particular bag!

    I’ve had you on my bloglines for quite some time, but will add you to my site link list tonight (which really needs updating – it’s been ages)!

  16. I love bag 2! :) well done!

    You have been on my bloglines for some time now – I am in the process of making a favourite links list on my blog – just a bit slow!

    Please enter me in the draw!

  17. They are all fabulous, but I’m partial to number 2! Stop by my blog to enter my contest, too.

  18. I like them all but like the pink one just a bit more than the others…a daintier print. Please add my name to your draw.

  19. I would love the first bag, but I also like the colors of the second one as well. Ahhhh decisions! I would love one of your bags, so please ad my name to your drawing and make sure to visit my blog for a chance to win my OWOH giveaway. Thanks!

    ~*~Nan in NJ~*~

  20. I love your bags!
    I am in love with bag #2! Don’t know why, but it jumped right out at me!

  21. What a clever idea!! I love them all but bag #2 is my favourite. Please enter my name and if you haven’t been to Esprit yet, please come by and enter my giveaway!

  22. Your bags are SUPER cute. I love them all! I wouldn’t care if I won any of them! :) Sign me up Hanna! They are just awesome! (Being a mom now I don’t get to shop for myself anymore!)

  23. Pink Ornament please! Oh wait. I didn’t win yet! ;-)

    I mailed something for you tonight. So check your mailbox in the next two weeks. I’m also in OWOH so check out my giveaway.


  24. These bags are super kewl! They look so comfy…like a great pair of worn in jeans…just my style! My favorite would have to be the pink ornament…it just speaks to me! =)

    I would love to be entered into your drawing! Thanks!

  25. I would be oh so happy to have bag #2 Pink Ornament, but it was hard to decide- all are cute!



  26. I love them all. But, I’ll probably pick #1 – just because I saw it first and fell in love immediately. ;-) Well done you! You’re sooo creative and talented.

  27. What a nice idea! Please add my name to your drawing and visit my blog for a chance to win my OWOH giveaway. Thanks!

  28. I love these bags! So difficult to choose one, but probably #2 because it’s so pretty! I wish I was talented enough to make one of these myself.

  29. I’d choose bag no. 3 because the weather is awful in the UK at the moment and the bright flowers would cheer me up.

  30. I love blue rose! You are so talented I love your work. Just looking at your blogs makes me inspired. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  31. Oh I love them, for my daughters…
    So offcourse I leave a comment and in the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed ;o))
    Please take a look at my OWOH giveaway too!

  32. This is such a cool bag! Please add my name to your list. ^_^
    I have a giveaway up at my blog to.

  33. I love bag #2 – your bags are so cute..have you done any for kids? They would be a hit for easter! :)

  34. Yes…I love this bag. I had one years ago it was a favorite of mine!!!! Stop by to see what I have for you!

  35. I have loved your jean bag design forever! So lovely. It would be hard to choose, but I guess I’d say #2. I like the red patterned lining. And I’d be happy to swap blog links w/you! I’ll add you to my bloggers I heart page. :) Jessica

  36. Your bags are gorgeous! #2 is my favorite. The colors of the contrast fabric are beautiful! Glad I found your blog :)

  37. Oh, How Pretty!

    Please do include me in your drawing.

    I just LOVE the middle bag!

    If you’d like to visit my O.W.O.H. Template/Banner give-a-way, you are more than welcome.

    It was nice “meeting” you.

    :)… *Linda*

  38. They are all fabolous – but if I had to choose I?d say #1 because of the way the coloured pensils pop up of that pocket. And if I actually had this bag I?d bring it toschool and show it to all my crafting classes, sure it would start a new fashion!

    Talking about linking your blog to my blog roll I?d say Il Bloggo was the fist on my list ever. But to be honest – for some tecnical reasons it has?n?t appeared for some time.I don?t no why really. Actually I discovered some images were missing to – so thak you – you gave me an oportunity to adjust that!

  39. What a fabulous jeans bag! I LOVE it! I’d love to enter your giveaway! I’m having a OWOH giveaway too, if you’d like to stop by! =)

  40. How Gorgeous! Please count me in! #2 is my fav by far!

    I would love for you to stop by my website and enter for a free pair of sterling silver, ornate Bali beads and korean jade earrings i?ve made.

    peace, light & love
    Courtney/ Dublin, Ireland

  41. Please count me in!! I just adore your bags!!
    Be sure to come check out my blog giveaway too!

  42. Your bags are super great and they have a lot of room..that is essential for me!…Since it is valentine’s month #2 is my pick!
    Great blog!

  43. #2! #2! I love it! Long long ago, (1974,) when I was learning to sew I made a bag like this.

  44. Wow, this is really super. Please enter my name into your drawing and be sure to stop by and visit mine.

  45. I like bag #1. My husband doesn’t wear his jeans out anymore. He mostly wears shorts and they don’t seem to have the same oomph for bags like yours!

  46. Happy Valentine’s Day! Your bags are just super gorgeous! I’d love to win one.

  47. OMG, these are fabulous! I’m dying to win one of these! I’d pick #2 if I had a choice… love the orange in it, but gosh, who would be picky!? They are all three fantastic!

  48. I would just love one of these bags you have created and would carry it each day until the purse wore completely out!!! They are just beautiful. Please go to my blog and sign up for the collage I am giving away. Thanks.

  49. I have a big heart :) I would love to go into your draw

    I love the pink ornament jeans bag – I love all your bags they are very delish!


  50. These are such clever bags and I believe #2 is my favorite…yet all are fabulous!
    please enter me into your draw….blessings, Abigail

  51. hello! i was just stopping over after you left your sweet comment at my blog and whoa! love these bags. i was just looking at your photos and not reading along for a bit. then i saw that you are participating in OWOH, too! and your giving a bag away. well you Rock! i’m a levis girl so if i were so lucky to win one of these, i’d pick the pink ornament bag. clap! clap! clap! thanks for a shot at it!

  52. I would chose bag #3 it speaks to me. the colors and the flowers are beautiful. I would pick it because my friend would like it and she is having surgery so i would share it with her.

  53. These bags are fabulous. So glad I found your site! This is a great idea and I would choose bag number 2.

  54. OWOH is an awesome idea…. I am from Ontario, Canada! So fun to read blogs and “meet” such talented artists from all over!! :-)

  55. I read your heart post and it was very intense!! Loved every word of it…

    If I win I choose #2 pink ornament… i love it and it has paisley which reminds me of hearts.
    great blog

  56. I would pick #1–I love it! I have added you to my link list on my blog. Thanks for all the LOVE-ly inspiration!

  57. I know already, I’d take the one with the orange and pink paisley lining. How cute!

  58. Gosh, I LOVE them ALL! But if I HAVE to choose, I’d say Blue Rose…I love the fabric used…These are really cool!

  59. Hi, I love your work! And I love ALL these bags, but if I had to choose just one, it would be #2 – Pink Ornament. I love that bright pink contrasted with the denim. Your blog is so inspiring, keep up the great work :)


  60. Wow! What a great giveaway! I have been wanting one of these bags for a while now!

  61. Oh, those are super fun! I would dearly love #2, if my name is so lucky as to be drawn! :D I am off to browse your etsy shop!

  62. Hi Hanna,
    I had to do a double take here. My neice’s name is Hannah and she makes jean bags very simuliar to yours. I thought she started a site and didn’t tell me. Anyway love your bags, they are so hip! I like #2 the best. I will check out your Etsy shop now. Visit my giveaway.

  63. I would love to win your giveaway. Please stop by my blog as I am also a part of this event!

  64. Very Cute! Be sure to stop by my blog for a chance to win my heavenly smelling OWOH giveaway!


  65. Hanna – I just joined your Yahoo group, and I love bag #2 – it’s me!

  66. Your bags are awesome! My fave would have to be #2 pink ornament. I had a friend who made similar bags and bought one from her years ago, I used it to death, they are such a great idea!
    I hope you’ll stop by and enter my giveaway too!!!

  67. Bonjour Hanna and thank you for your visit. I added a link to your blog to be sure to come back soon to see more of your beautiful works. Your 3 bag are so pretty, It would be a pleasure to win one. Please count me in your give away. Au revoir. Pat

  68. If I win this my teenage daughter and I will be fighting over it! I would love to win, please enter me in your giveaway. I’m having a giveaway, too…please stop by :-)

    Best Wishes,

  69. Lovely! Please include me in your drawing and if you haven’t already please stop by and enter my giveaway also!
    Patti V

  70. I like the first bag best although #3 is a close second. The pockets all around the bag would sure come in handy. I liked seeing what the ladies in your mother’s group are doing.

  71. What fun bags. I think I would pick bag #2, but would be extremely happy with any of them. Please count me in.

  72. Oh, how fun! I suppose I like bag #2 best, though I’m really hard pressed to choose a favorite… thanks for your wonderful blog, I’m going to have fun looking through your archives.

  73. I love your purses! I think I liked #1 the best, but they are all fabulous! Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks for doing this, too!

  74. If you have not already visited my blog, please drop in and sign up for my One World~One Heart giveaway of ‘Masquarade’.

  75. Denim purses are so fun and funky!!!

    Please include me and thanks for your generosity!


  76. so many people have entered to win your bags, they are so amazing. please count me in. as for which one would i choose….i think number two or three..but all three are cute

  77. What a fantastic giveaway gift! You are so talented! All three are wonderful, but I ADORE Bag #2. Thanks and count me in!

  78. Don’t know if you already did your drawing, but even though all the bags are beautiful, I think I like the 3rd one the best…either way if I can still enter please add me into the fun! Love your site & will link to mine…Have a great day!-Tina

  79. I would choose the second even though I love them all but red is my favourite colour and I love the energy of the lining with the denim. These bags are fantastic. Please feel free to enter my draw as well.

  80. If you have not already visited my blog and entered my One World~One Heart Giveaway, please accept my invitation and do so. I would love a chance to win.

  81. LOVE the bags, please sign me up & I’d love for you to come on over to my blog & see what I’m giving away.

  82. I would love to win one of your bags, I will link you to my blog tonight.I love the first two bags. Please call on me and enter my draw.


  83. Definately bag # 2 – love the fabric!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway.

  84. Ooooh, I love the pink ornament bag!!! These are so cool! What a great idea to offer choices ~ Thank you so much for visiting my blog, too ~ it’s so nice to meet you! xxoo, Dawn

  85. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Please enter me in your drawing, and stop by my blog to enter mine, too!


  86. please enter me and come on over to my blog and enter my giveaway if you have not already

  87. OMG! i love bag #2. if i don’t win…. i’ll be heart broken because i just tossed out some old jeans so i couldn’t make my own :-/ how awesome are you! eee!

    i’m participating, too!

    -angela in oregon

  88. Hi,
    Your giveaway is Delightful! I just added my giveaway today. I know it is late and didn’t make the official site, but I am hoping it is the thought that counts. Please enter me in your giveaway if you have not drawn already. Thank you! Artful Blessings, Kathryn

  89. These bags are so beautiful! I personally think number 2, “pink ornament” is gorgeous with the dark denim and rosy fabric. You’re an inspiration iHanna! Thank you for all your posts that keep me company here in Wuerzburg, Germany.

    My best wishes for your happy creations,