Photo styling for blogging – my bags in a sunshine spot

I love photo styling for blogging, since it’s the final step in my craft process. Once the photo is edited and uploaded, I consider the project done. Here’s an example of a jeans bag detail:

Jean bag pocket

I love these images. I had such good light when I took these photos of three new jeans bags that I made. I love to do a bit of “styling” with my photos, finding the right background and setting my items up…

Jean bag #4

But I am a lazy girl and it makes me laugh when I see these photos. I try, but not hard enough… How can you tell?

My process when photo styling for blogging

I run around looking for a backdrop, a white fabric that will do the bags justice. I find the most bright spot in the house and set everything up on the floor. I take a gazillion photos and then edit them in Photoshop (oh how I love that I now can use this program without closing all my other applications on the computer!). But the fabric I chose is wrinkled as an old lady! It’s hilarious and it just looks horrible if you consider the effort I put into my images this time! And that is what makes me laugh; this is how I am.

I do the job, I work hard, I try to be a pro… but sometimes what other people will notice at once (and gasp over) I don’t even see! It’s me in a nutshell!

Jean bag #3

Another fun fact: the white fabric I used as my backdrop here was actually too small for the bag to fit – so the edges of my bags didn’t fit in the photos.

One of the jean bags is for someone who hearts me, two will be put up for sale. How do you got about styling?

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  1. That fabric inside is so yummy! I do the same thing when photographing my creations that can’t be scanned. Except that I go for a black background. Sometimes, I’ll notice only after that there was lots of cat hair on the black background!


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