My friend Inger bought this blue-green yarn in Taiwan back when she lived there. Now she is knitting a scarf with it, and it is turning out very pretty. This is how her scarf looks close up;

Inger's scarf
Isn’t the pattern cool?

This knitting technique is called My so called scarf on the internet and Inger taught it to me this Sunday at Knit Lab. I did a lot of mistakes while I was learning it (I guess I was distracted by other things and the people around me), but now I know it by heart and can knit without looking at the written instructions I wrote. It’s only two different rows, so it’s not that complicated and it’s great to knit without the pattern. When I started to cast on at KnitLab I used 5 mm needles but those made the scarf thick and clumsy, so once I came home I ripped it up and started anew, this time with needle size 9 mm! Love those thick ones!

My yarn Jazz and knitting needle 9 mm

I have a couple of skeins of this yarn, Jazz print (from Grignascoa, Italy), and I love the colours of it. It’s 100% merino new wool, yummy!

This is what I have after some more knitting at home;

My so called scarf - beginning

My so called Scarf - beginning

My so called Scarf - the pattern
Candy, right?

And knitting this pattern is the perfect challenge for me right now, not too difficult, but not as easy as the normal knit 2 purl 2 that I was planning on doing before I got to Knit Lab. The yarn is thick so the knitted piece gets very compact and thick. The structure reminds me of something that is crocheted, or a weaved material in some ways. You could also call this pattern herringbone pattern. I think you should try it out if you haven’t started this autumn’s scarf project yet! :-)

My so called scarf

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Good luck!