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I made a (one) pear. He was happy to join the family meeting. My pear can be used to stick needles in, or just as plain decoration. A pear among apples. I’m in love with my pear. I also love the word windfalls that I just learned today. I looked up fallfrukt which means “fruit […]

Hello Sandybell, Hello memorylane

I’m posting a video to my blog today – just because I can and it’s fashionable to do it. Did you notice that Everybody is doing it these days? I think it will be so cool when we’re getting moving pictures, audio and music into blogging now! I’ll be back with something more creative that […]

Inspired to paint

When I posted a photo from my art journal yesterday I had nothing to say. I couldn’t write one single word. I wanted to write something, I wanted to post, to be seen, noticed, commented! I wanted to shout out – but I couldn’t say anything because I was feeling depressed and captured. I have […]

Words about me

I’m: everything pink, lace, white, romantic, bold colours, roses, vintage, wabi-sabi, stained, cute, cats and kittens, b/w photos, striped tops, red shoes, black fingernails, quilts, granny squares, notebooks, black ink pens, messy collages, gesso, jeans, buttons, wool, rainbow colours, runny watercolours, hello kitty, green frogs, owls, browns, 1970ish patterns, golden ornamental frames, incense candles, brown […]

Pillow cases l iHanna

I’m sitting here sipping my ice coffee and thinking about something to write. I’ve been wanting to post these photos of three pillow cases I made for a week now, but couldn’t come up with something to say about them. They are pillow cases, the pattern is kind of free form log cabins. They are […]

Art journal inspiration

I need some inspiration tonight, maybe you do to. Suzi Blu has posted two great videos for you who has not commited to keep an art journal (yet). Have a look and get inspired: How to keep an art journal (get started) and How to keep an art journal II (make layers and get rid […]

Morning Dew

Sometimes a good photo is not dependent on the camera. I think these images owe their beauty to the light. The beautiful morning light reflecting in the dew that is still left after the cold night. They are some of my favorite photos this year. But of course, a good photo can not be taken […]

My inchie

I did this inchie when I first heard about inchies. End of last year I think it was. Inchies are art made on a canvas of 1 x 1 inch! That is very tiny if you ask me. I was proud when I did this, but then I had no more inchies in me. I […]