I need some inspiration tonight, maybe you do to.

Suzi Blu has posted two great videos for you who has not commited to keep an art journal (yet).

Have a look and get inspired:

How to keep an art journal (get started)


How to keep an art journal II (make layers and get rid of your excuses!).

And there will be more lessons in this video serie, so check them out, and if you have the time, search for words that interest you at YouTube, I found a whole big list about Art Journals to be inspired by!

More journaling inspiration:

I posted even more garden photos earlier today. I love those morning photos, maybe I should try to wake up that early more often? So not to only post garden photos I wanted to post a spread from my own Art journal, but the only not too blury photo of a recent (1,5 weeks ago) spread I found was this one:

walk with me
Walk with me.