Blank hard bound journals

People who keep journals have life twice.Jessamyn West

Journals bound by me
Two hand bound books that I’ve made. A gray one with linen fabric as cover, and a black book covered with patterned plastic fabric. Both contains white blank drawing papers, great for sketching, water colours or gluing things in. I’m always looking for blank books like these in the store, beautiful covers and sturdy papers, but without luck most of the time.

The books that you buy in a store almost always have thing 80 gram papers and that doesn’t work for me any more. You can’t even write with a black pen in most of those blankies, because they bleed over to the next page.

Journals bound by me, Copyright Hanna Andersson

So why not make a journal yourself? These are not perfect, I’m still experimenting with this. I just finished another one with cream coloured papers and a blue marmorized colour on the cover. I’ll take a picture as soon as it is dry and out of the press. Next one I think I’ll try to make out of thicker water colour paper. I have some Fabriano paper (300 gram!!!) that I got for Christmas that I think will be great. It is what Teesha Moore use for her journal pages.

Two handmade blank books


Now, food delivery is here. Bye for now!

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  1. These are wonderful! I should try making my own, too, because you’re right – most journal pages seem too thin.

  2. very very beautiful books! how clever of you! I would love to find a book binding course near me. I really enjoy playing around with paper. looking forward to seeing the next one out of the press

  3. Det d?ra ?hl?ns-tyg-boken turned out to be really nice! Eller ?r det bara du som ?r en bra fotograf?

  4. ?h s? duktig du ?r! Tycker verkligen att de ser alldeles perfekta ut jag. :) Smart att g?ra med tjockare papper, det ?r alltid s? tr?kigt n?r det syns igenom p? andra sidan.

  5. Underbart vackra dagb?cker! Precis som Nina tycker jag att de ser ytterst proffsiga ut, ?tminstone p? bild.
    Citatet ?r v?ldigt mitt i prick, k?nner s? v?l igen det. H?ller sedan i h?stas p? och l?ser om mina dagb?cker fr?n de senaste tre ?ren – varje kv?ll l?ser jag det som finns skrivet fr?n samma datum de tidigare ?ren. Oerh?rt intressant!

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