Hanna needs to freely explore her world

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I hardly ever find memes worth doing, but when I read a needs-list that Tara Chang made, Tara needs a sarong, I thought her list was so fun. I think my list is fun too, even though I had to google both Hanna and Hannah to complete the list.

To play, google search your name followed by the word ‘needs’. You then list the top 10.

1. Hanna needs to freely explore her world (oh so true)
2. Hanna needs to escape (sometimes true)
3. Hannah needs to prioritize her most expensive debt and get rid of this first. She also needs to look at her expenses. (almost true)
4. Hannah [needs♥you] (true!)
5. Hannah Needs A New Name (I do?)
6. Hannah Needs A Job (true)
7. Hannah Needs A Shave? (umm..)
8. Hannah needs to apply lots of make-up so she can perform in her latest dramatic role. Someday she will be a great actress…
9. Hannah needs prayers
10. Hannah Needs a Hug-Ashton Drake Doll (I would never say no to a doll, or a hug)

Let me know where to find your list!

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  1. This is Hilarious! Is it okay to post it all here?

    1.Bridget needs your support?.
    2.”Bridget needs rehab,” Jax responds.
    3.Bridget needs to get a backbone and stop picking at her own leftovers. Go after Nick like there’s no tomorrow?
    4.Bridget Needs To Change
    5.Bridget needs Nick right now, more than ever. (this must be about a TV show. I?ve never heard of it!)
    6.Bridget needs a smoke. (HA ha. I don’t smoke …anymore.)
    7.Bridget Needs a Ride.(This is often true.)
    8.Bridget needs to learn not to give it up quite so easily! (LOL! This is from a book review.)
    9.Bridget needs me in her life. (Aww. How nice.)
    10. Bridget needs rescuing

  2. Ah, this is great! I think I’ll add it to my next post. I love the first one – it’s something we should all do! Ok, I’m off to google…

  3. What a fun game, Hannah! Thanks for the heads up – I’ll add my own to my next post also… :)

  4. This was so fun! I’m thinking of posting about it too. Problem with my name is that it’s a US state, so I get things like “Georgia needs a transit system”…that may be true, however, as I don’t drive!

  5. Haha, roligt! S? h?r ser min lista ut:
    Linda needs to be a part of a loving, committed marriage.
    Linda Needs Mental Help.
    Linda needs a new best friend.
    Linda needs some help with her appearance.
    Linda needs as much free space at the front of the platform as possible.
    Linda needs to be bright
    LiNdA NeEdS HeLp
    Linda needs to provide a fast response to …
    Linda needs people to make telephone calls
    linda – needs your thoughts & prayers


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